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Main Auditorium, ASB Theatre Marlborough


2 Hutcheson St
Blenheim Other 7201
New Zealand

Venue General Notes
The McLauchlan Family Auditorium has a standard seating configuration of 701 split over two levels. It is a very intimate space with easy access, great acoustics and well equipped with lighting, sound and A/V equipment. The Main Stage has the following specs: Counter Weight Flying System - 65 Line Sets Setting line = Back of proscenium Batten in-dead = 1300 mm (top of batten) Batten out-dead = 18190 mm (top of batten) Stage floor to underside of grid = 18295 mm Proscenium dimensions; height = 8600 mm width adjustable: min: 11050 mm max: 13850 mm Battens are 75 x 50 mm RHS Batten length = 15600 mm No. of suspension wires = 5 off 6 mm wire rope, 3600 mm between centers. Max distributed load on each batten is 500 Kg, panorama bars are rated at 300 Kg. Max point load = 200 Kg Front of permanent stage to setting line = 1170 mm Stage depth, setting line to face of upstage columns = 12360 mm Total Stage Depth = 13530 mm Stage width, between fly-floors = 16975 mm Stage floor to underside of galleries = 8300 mm Stage Centre to Pan Bar = 8300 mm There are 6 dressing rooms in the basement, plus green room which can cater for up to 65 people.
Proscenium Arch Lyric Theatre

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