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Portland Arts Centre


4A Glenelg Street
Portland VIC 3305

Venue General Notes
When first opened in 1974, the Portland Arts Centre was known as the CEMA Arts Centre, in recognition of the fact that Portland CEMA (Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts) Inc had not only been instrumental in achieving construction of the venue, but had also invested a significant amount of its own money in what was perceived at that time as a Community Arts facility. The building is owned and managed by Council, and the name was changed to the Portland Arts Centre in 2005. The venue consists of an auditorium with raked seating for 144, and a relatively large Proscenium Arch stage for such a small venue. The foyer - also called the CEMA gallery - and an adjoining room -called the Woolcock Gallery - together provide two exhibition spaces with a total floor area of c.100 sq. metres. In addition there is a meeting room which also doubles as a dressing room for theatre productions.
Proscenium Arch

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