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Gitbox Rebellion


.- Gitbox Rebellion is an innovative,experienced Guitar Ensemble perfoming 80% original compositions and a few well loved guitar hero covers. Founded- by Nigel Gavin in 1988 Gitbox[ Mark One] toured regionally and nationally and released 2 albums, Pesky Digits[ featuring 9 guitars] and Touchwood, featuring 4 guitars, cello, violin ,tablas,and flute-Nigel Gavin reformed Gitbox Rebellion at the beginning of 2017 after countless requests from people who had attended live performances and listened to both albums.The New line up has had a series of live performances around Auckland and the Coromandel Region, .and has begun recording new works written by founding and new members.

The Band-This line up features three original members

Nigel Gavin, [Jews Brothers, Nairobi Trio,

Kim Halliday, [Pacific Curls,

Russell Hughes

They are joined by new members ,Tomislav Skulic, Sam Loveridge, Sonia Wilson ,Rob Mita .and Dan Sperber.

(02) 7479 6644
(02) 7479 6644
P.O.Box 47-371- Ponsonby

Auckland., Auckland ,1141
New Zealand

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