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Ontario Presents (Canada)


Founded in 1988 as CCI - Ontario Presenting Network, Ontario Presents is a member-based, not-for-profit arts service organization that works to support the arts presenting sector in Ontario, Canada. Our network is comprised of performing arts centres, municipal venue presenters, academic venue presenters, volunteer presenters, festivals, artistic companies, performing artists, artist managers, arts consultants and individuals who work collaboratively to improve arts presentation practice in the Province of Ontario.

Ontario Presents’s primary focus is on the health of its members and their organizations.  Ontario Presents operates a number of participatory programs andservices that help members build capacity, develop leadership and create opportunities to grow and diversify their audiences. 


To develop Ontario’s presenting arts leadership through networking andprofessional development


A live performance for everyone in Ontario: an active curator for the performing arts in every community: a lively engagement between the two.


We value the participation of our professional and volunteer presenters, artists, artist representatives and business consultants by:

  • Encouraging, supporting & developing groups that present professional performing arts in Ontario communities
  • Fostering networking, professional development, advocacy & access to resources
  • Supporting our members’ curatorial visions
  • Fostering and encouraging collegiality, trust, and openness within our membership
  • Encouraging the presentation of new art forms and the appreciation of quality and engaging performing arts performances
  • Developing strong & healthy leadership to sustain Ontario’s arts presenting industry
+1 416-949-7312
+1 416-504-2418
Centre for Social Innovation, 125-215 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Ontario ,M5T 2C7

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