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Tour-Makers is here to help organise and support the national touring of contemporary New Zealand theatre, music and dance.

In September 2014, Creative New Zealand called for proposals to establish a national touring agency. The intention was to fill a gap in our performing arts infrastructure and ensure that more audiences nationwide have opportunities to enjoy excellent NZ performing arts experiences.

At the heart of the proposal was for Tour-Makers to be a flexible organisation that can adapt to the existing environment, and work in partnership with the sector.

Tour-Makers is an agency that works alongside arts organisations and artists who have their own management structures to deliver tours; and provide financial and management structures for artists and arts organisations that do not have their own.

Our focus is on managing and supporting medium to large-scale regional and national tours of New Zealand.

We define ‘medium scale’ as being tours that have more than three artists in the touring party, travelling to venues with 200 or more seats.

Tour-Makers develops and negotiate contracts between companies and presenters, providing a connecting role between practitioners, venues and festivals.

+64 274 589552
PANNZ, Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street
Auckland, Auckland ,1010
New Zealand

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