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Performing Lines is present at every level of the Australian performing arts sector. It produces the work of emerging independent artists as well as that of established artists and companies; it connects artists with national and international presenters and audiences; and it brokers and manages the tours that result. It has producers in Perth and Hobart as well as Sydney, and it has partners and collaborators in every state and territory, and an increasingly rich network of contacts overseas.

Recent works produced include Branch Nebula’s The Royal Concrete and Bones Sessions for the Sydney Festival, Jack Charles V The Crown from Ilbijerri, KAGE’s Sundowner, and Version 1.0’s Table of Knowledge. Circa by Yaron Lifschitz and the Circa Ensemble won the 2013 Drover Award for Tour of Year while Jade Dwei Tyas Tunggal was nominated for an Independent Dance Award for Opal Vapour.

Recent international tours include Sue Healey’s Virtuosi to Christchurch, New Zealand and Meryl Tankard’s The Oracle travelled to both the United States and London. The Oracle will also be touring to Dusseldorf, Germany in November 2013.

Performing Lines provides managing and producing services to the following artists and companies:

In Sydney:  Branch Nebula, post, Ride On Theatre, Martin del Amo and Sue Healey.

In Perth:  James Berlyn, Danielle Micich, Sally Richardson, Sue Peacock, Sensorium Theatre, Skeletal System.

Performing Lines also manages Tasmania Performs (see listing).

Touring circuits

Performing Lines produces tours for two consortia of presenters: Mobile States and Road Work.

 Mobile States

Mobile States is a consortium of spaces engaged in both producing and presenting new contemporary work across theatre, dance, and hybrid performance. Touring works are selected by the six core member venues through a public call, but once programmed, the tours are open to non-member presenting venues as well, with past casual presenters including Wollongong, Darwin, Alice Springs, Mackay, Cairns, Lismore, Bathurst and Bendigo.  Artists toured to date include Lucy Guerin, Chamber Made, Splintergroup, Dancenorth, Tanja Liedtke, Back to Back Theatre, Urban Theatre Projects and version 1.0.

For 2012, Mobile States programmed;

Rramp, a performance band from the Fluff team, Christine Johnstone, LisaO’Neill & Peter Nelson.

Pin Drop, Tamara Saulwick’s Green Room Award winning audio-sensory work exploring how we deal with fear.

The Democratic Set, Back to Back Theatre’s tourable residency creating a video portrait of your community

Thrashing Without Looking bv Aphids that was a textured and disorienting journey combining performance with live cinema. 

For 2013 Mobile States programmed two tours; Opal Vapour by Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal and I’m Your Man, a Roslyn Oades and Belvoir co-production.



Road Work

Road Work is a consortium of regional venues established to develop opportunities for regional audiences to engage with a broad spectrum of original, creative work, and to encourage dialogue and debate about performance and culture.  

It does this by touring two adventurous works each year - one dance and one theatre.  Apart from receiving Playing Australia and state touring grants, the tours are supported by the Australia Council to cover a proportion of remount and marketing costs. 

For 2013 the tours included KAGE’s Sundowner  to 32 regional venues and version 1.0’s Table of Knowledge.  



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