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As the key servicing organisation for performing arts touring in NSW, Arts on Tour (AOT) manages an annual program of regional, state and national tours for a variety of producers including Sydney Theatre Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Company B, Ensemble Theatre, Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People and many more.

Each year the AOT’s annual touring program provides regional audiences, averaging over 80,000, access to a range of genre including drama, theatre for children, circus, dance and physical theatre. On a national front, AOT’s touring work exports and profiles high quality NSW theatre product to all states. These national touring components of the program are achieved by securing Playing Australia funds from the Federal Government, and for over 10 years AOT has remained the most successful applicant of this funding program. This achievement offers a significant benefit the NSW Government in leveraging Federal dollars for the benefit of extending employment opportunities for performers and artistic staff of NSW (with an average employment period of 21 weeks per tour).

 In addition to developing and managing tours, AOT has a support and advisory role that includes:

-          providing tour development, logistics and management support

-          leading research into audience attendance and venue performance results

-          hosting touring workshops and SALON

The above services means that ‘behind the scenes’ Arts On Tour is instrumental in assisting the majority of touring activities for NSW producers and plays a pivotal role in supporting NSW venues in securing shows for their communities.

0423 975 419
0423 975 419
L1, 4 Pitt Street

Redfern, NSW ,2016

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