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arTour is Queensland's centre of contemporary touring knowledge. arTour supports Queensland based performing artists and producers to tour work through regional Queensland and nationally. arTour also assists Queensland presenters to program performance work for their local audiences.


arTour provides;

  • support to broker relationships between producers and presenters
  • a curated approach to achieve presenters programing objectives
  • advice and support for producers and presenters to access tour funding through the Playing Queensland Fund and other funding opportunities    
  • fee for service tour management
  • marketing and touring advice and support for producers and presenters

arTour's high quality touring support, advocacy and leadership will mean:

  • Venues have more choice than picking a show from a menu or showcase
  • Conversations move beyond just logistics and into a discussion about ideas, programming, audience and community engagement, and what shows and experiences might work best for the local communities
  • Arts companies can stay longer in a town, create meaningful connections with local communities and artists and understand the local context
  • Audiences are given the chance to see quality work and build their understanding of the work they are seeing
  • Performing arts tours are the spark for activating regional cultural precincts and cultural vibrancy in towns throughout Queensland

Each year, arTour also presents the Queensland Touring Showcase where producers and presenters from around the state meet to discuss touring productions and gather expressions of interest for potentially viable tours. It's a great way to meet others, find out what is available and find out about exciting new initiatives.


arTour is managed by Circa and supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

(07) 3872 9041
(07) 3852 3110
Level 3, 420 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley, QLD ,4006

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