The Process for Producers

National Touring Selector is here to help you market your productions to venue managers and programmers. Presenters may wish to commission an idea, buy a season of your work or commit to be involved in a tour. Most touring productions are selected via Markets and these are usually associated with market place events or showcases. Presenters may also contact you directly on viewing your online production listing to organise discrete or one-off seasons. You are also free to review the National Touring Selector presenter profiles and contact any directly that you feel share your artistic goals and vision.


Markets are established by venue associations, regional arts organisations or touring service providers to assist with the process of touring selection and efficiently collecting Presenter Interest. Markets are usually open to all producers registered on National Touring Selector, however some specialist rounds will be by invitation only. Presenters can view the production profiles in any given market and if there is a event aligned with the market, invite shows they'd like to see pitch at the market place. After the market place, presenters select which productions they'd like to program into their venues. If your production is successful, at the end of a market you will have a list of presenters who have expressed their intention to present your show as part of a tour, subject to tour development negotiations. The most established rounds are those taking place in the lead up to Playing Australia funding deadlines.

Tour Development

Once a number of presenters have expressed interest in your production, the process of tour development can begin. This involves creating an itinerary for a tour that takes in as many presenters and their venues as possible. A budget is also created that covers the relevant producer fees with a series of fees (sell-off fees) paid by presenters. A separate budget is usually created to cover touring costs (travel, accommodation, living away allowances etc). Funding can then be sought, federally or at a state level to cover the touring costs. A tour coordinator may be available to work with your company to develop and deliver the project. Some producers carry out their own tour development and tour coordination. It is also possible to develop and deliver tours without funding or for a producer to hire a series of venues and mount a tour at their own financial risk.

Tour Coordinators

Some tours are developed and then delivered by tour coordinators. The tour coordinator will carry out the tour development and may also apply for touring funding for an agreed fee. They then coordinate the tour should the funding application be successful.

Other Pathways

Producers should note that there are other pathways to performance beyond the National Touring Selector touring model. These include: various state touring forums such as Showcase Victoria and Shows on the Go in WA; direct arrangements with regional and metropolitan venues many of whom are represented by APACA; and working with other touring models and Producer such as Critical Stages, Performing Lines and 6PAC. However you decide to pursue the possibilities, we do recommend you take some time to talk to colleagues and contacts, to gather a good range of advice.


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