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National Touring Selector Service User Agreement 
This service user agreement is made between the service user accepting this agreement and Country Arts SA. The agreement commences as per the date indicated on the associated service fee payment invoice, &/or the date a new User account is activated.

Managing User Account Details 
When registering as a National Touring Selector User, you must provide us with accurate, complete and up-to-date information. It is your responsibility to manage user account and contact details as you can do so at any time once logged in. By signing up for a User account, you are automatically agreeing to receive emails containing information about various markets, industry news and general NTS site activity from the NTS Administrator.

Contact information that is collected as part of the actual function of this site should pertain to your “Professional Self”. As this is a professional networking database, by signing up and supplying this information you are doing so with the understanding that it will be viewed and accessed by all registered users of the site, so that they may contact you to discuss doing business. Do not upload any information about your “Personal Self” that you do not want made available to all users of the NTS. 

National Touring Selector and its contents are the property of Country Arts SA, whose office is located at 2 McLaren Parade Port Adelaide SA 5015.

No part of this web publication may be reproduced or transmitted by any means without prior permission from the owners, Country Arts SA. 

This site contains user data and links to external sites. Country Arts SA is not responsible for, and has no control over, the content of external sites and disclaims all responsibility and liability (including negligence) in relation to information on or accessible from this site.

Country Arts SA takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of, or the representations made by, the content of this site.

Country Arts SA takes no responsibility for the content of any World Wide Web site that links from this website. Please read the disclaimer.

This website contains information provided by third parties. You should be aware that there may be technical inaccuracies, typographical errors, programming bugs or computer viruses in this website or its content.

Access to this web site is provided on the condition that:

(i) To the full extent permitted by law, Country Arts SA will be under no liability to any person in respect of any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly from or in connection with any use of this website or of the information on or accessed through this website for whatever reason (including negligence).

(ii) Where any statute implies any term in relation to your use of this website and that statute prohibits any exclusion or modification of that term, then that term is included. However, the liability of Country Arts SA for breach of any such term will be limited to resupply of the services that comprise this website.

Any information contained within this site about any subject matter whosoever is of a general nature only and is not intended to be complete or definitive. You should obtain professional advice before taking any action in relation to any matter referred to on this site.

For more information regarding privacy, please read our privacy page.


Content on the National Touring Selector:

All information, images and entries uploaded into the National Touring Selector database is done so on the assumption that is becomes the shared property of Country Arts SA. 

Country Arts SA reserves the right to reproduce or publish any images or information uploaded into the database, for general use on various pages within the NTS or to promote the NTS more broadly without seeking the permission of the entrant, on the assurance that the image will be credited with the ‘Production Name’ and ‘Producers Name’ in all instances. 

Each entrant warrants that s/he is the creator and owner of the entry and that s/he has full rights in and title to all aspects of the entry.

Each entrant assigns and transfers all right, title and interest in the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the entry to Country Arts SA.

Each entrant waives its moral rights in respect of the entry and consents to use of the entry by Country Arts SA without any attribution as to authorship by Country Arts SA. Each entrant waives its moral rights of integrity so that Country Arts SA is free to modify, alter and use the entry for any purpose and in any manner it chooses.

Each entrant warrants that s/he has the rights to assign all interests in the copyright in the entry to Country Arts SA and indemnifies Country Arts SA against any claims, demands, losses, damages and costs that Country Arts SA incurs or may incur as a result of a breach of this warranty.

Fees and Charges 
User fees for Presenters and Producers are charged for a 12 month fixed term commencing from the invoiced date, are not subject to any pro-rata rate for part year activity and cannot be suspended / restarted at any time within this fixed duration.

Online payment via credit card is preferred but users can be supplied with a tax invoice upon request.

There are annual charges for Producers to list productions and for Presenters to see full listings and particpate in online markets.

No refund will be paid in relation to subscriptions cancelled during the fixed term of this service agreement.

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