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  • Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale's Feelgood Factory

    Produced by: Matt Hale - Comedy Hypnotist ,
    Available from 25/06/2019 until 31/12/2021

    The ultimate FUN, FAMILY FRIENDLY, FEELGOOD show! Real Hypnosis, Real Fun! The sellout award nom’d hit performer of FringeWorld 2019/18/17 is ready to bring you his hit new show of LOL hypno suggestions to leave your audience feeling fantastic - whether watching or taking part. 

  • Homemade Jam

    Produced by: Turid Revfeim ,
    Available from 31/08/2020 until 31/03/2022

    A triple billing of 3 new dance works by 3 of New Zealand's leading contemporary ballet choreographers. These will be created on a new project based company, the Ballet Collective Aotearoa, made up of 4 professional ballet dancers leading and mentoring 4 talented and newly graduated New Zealand trained dancers. The works are performed to compositions by a diverse line up of 3 New Zealand composers - John Psathsas, Rhian Sheehan and Claire Cowan.These new dance works will express our unique voice within the ballet canon, that is distinctly New Zealand and clearly influenced by this young, multi-layered country and is pitched at  both dance and music audiences of all ages.


  • Time

    Produced by: The New Zealand Dance Company ,
    Available from 16/09/2018 until 18/12/2020

    The New Zealand Dance Company (NZDC) is thrilled to present Time –a riveting triple bill from highly acclaimed New Zealand, Korean and Australian choreographers, Ross McCormack, KIM Jae Duk and Victoria Colombus. Each work speaks to a different concept of time using ideas of contrasting speeds, dystopian futures and the link of our present to the past.

  • Provocation

    Produced by: Te Koru ,
    Available from 12/04/2020 until 11/04/2021
     Provocation is a topical new play by award-winning writer Aroha Awarau and directed by Jennifer Ward-Lealand.
    Set in the afterlife, two gay men have to come to terms with how they were killed - viciously by young lovers who escaped a murder conviction by using the “gay panic” defence and convincing a jury they were provoked.
    The ground-breaking show is brought to life on the stage by Hori Ahipene (The Piano, The Ring INZ), Joe Dekkers-Reihana (Chapman Tripp Theatre Award for Most Promising Male Newcomer), Ruby Hansen (Pop Up Globe’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Sound of Music) and Paul Barrett (The Sound of Music, Little Shop of Horrors).
  • Awesome Robots

    Produced by: The New Zealand Dance Company ,
    Available from 18/02/2019 until 31/12/2021

    Awesome Robots is a contemporary dance and music collaboration by choreographer Lucy Marinkovich and composer/musician Lucien Johnson. The work is intended as a dynamic and spectacular piece which would be ideally suited to outdoor events and music festivals.

    Awesome Robots has been inspired by trends surrounding vintage science-fiction and the current re-alignment of futurist metaphors to reflect cultural diversity. In particular, Awesome Robots has been influenced by the movement known as Afrofuturism. This movement seeks to place the African diasporic experience at the heart of science-fiction narratives. In turn, Awesome Robots uses this as a point of departure for exploring the possibilities of creating a uniquely Pacific futurism.

    An initial section of Awesome Robots has been developed and performed by The New Zealand Dance Company for their Tamaki schools tour. The audience reaction from both children and adults was extremely positive from the first five minute section of this work. We are now proposing to develop this work into a 45-55 minute work. The work would include five dancers and two musicians, an performance design and costume design. The work is intended to be performed with live musicans, and can also be performed to a pre-recorded soundtrack.

    Chief collaborators include choreographer Lucy Marinkovich, founder of Borderline Arts Ensemble and formerly a dancer with Footnote NZ Dance and guest with the NZDC for their production of Orpheus — a dance opera. The music is created by Lucien Johnson, an award-winning composer with an international career and former member of renowned band The Black Seeds. He is joined on stage by hip-hop MC Imon Starr. Costume design is by Kate Hawley, who has designed costumes for multiple Hollywood films including The Hobbit.

     Awesome Robots is a unique work that captivates audiences’ imaginations through highly rhythmic music, stunning sci-fi costumes and visual effects, and an athletic and scintillating choreographic language which bridges popular and contemporary dance styles.

  • Kiss The Sky

    Produced by: The New Zealand Dance Company ,
    Available from 01/04/2019 until 23/12/2021

    A constellation of original dance, music and design from Aotearoa, Korea and Australia.

    The New Zealand Dance Company (NZDC) forges its stellar national and international reputation for powerful contemporary dance with Kiss The Sky, “a diverse magical experience” that “grabs your attention from start to finish” (DANZ). 

    Artistic Director and Arts Laureate Shona McCullagh showcases an Asian-Pacific constellation of original dance, music, and design, reflecting on the themes of nature and time. 

    In Kiss The Sky, McCullagh combines the high-octane physicality of Korean choreographer and composer KIM Jae Duk in his work Sigan; the vibrant aesthetic of New Zealand’s Victoria Colombus in her world premiere work The Fibonacci; and the powerhouse choreography of renowned Stephanie Lake in the eccentric and imaginative If Never Was Now for “an evening of sensory indulgence” (Theatreview).

    With exceptional ”versatility, virtuosity and artistry” from the high-calibre NZDC dancers and “excellence of the design and production teams” (NZ Herald) Kiss The Sky will leave you dreaming for more. 

  • Matariki for Tamariki

    Produced by: The New Zealand Dance Company ,
    Available from 22/06/2019 until 18/12/2021

    A journey through stars, sea, mountains and moon for the whole whānau. 

    The New Zealand Dance Company (NZDC) presented the premiere season of Matariki for Tamariki by accomplished New Zealand dancer and choreographer Sean MacDonald (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāi Tahu), proudly as part of Auckland’s 2019 Matariki Festival. 

    A celebration for the whole family, Sean brings to life a world where a band of players, a group of friends, and a whānau travel throughout Aotearoa and its landscape of lush ngahere (forests), mighty maunga (mountains), and majestic moana (oceans), encountering the flora and fauna through seasonal changes. The journey begins and ends through the dawning and setting of the Matariki whetū (star) constellation.

    Along the way, the performers inhabit the wairua (spirit) of each of the nine whetū of Matariki and through their adventures use the power and meaning of karakia (prayer), ritual, waita (song) and whakapapa (lineage) to plant the seeds of new beginnings for hope of the future ahead. 

    Sean’s majestic choreography paired with evocative costume and set design by Rona Ngahuia Osborne as well as spectacular sound design by Alistair Deverick will leave young people and “kidaults” alike filled with joy and gratitude for the whenua (land) we call home.  

  • Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle

    Produced by: Filament Eleven 11 ,
    Available from 01/07/2020 until 31/12/2021


    Close your eyes.
    When you open them,
    See what you shall see.
    Lose yourself wandering through a magical light-filled space that emerges and shifts before your very eyes.
    Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle is a space to let your mind explore a multi-sensory world. 
    It is a space to ponder . . . 
    Should we be content with what we have or should we strive for more? 
    1, 2, 3,
    See what you shall see. 
    Based on the folk tale The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle. 
    Read the tale at www.filamenteleven11.com  
  • OrphEus — a dance opera by Michael Parmenter

    Produced by: The New Zealand Dance Company ,
    Available from 01/03/2019 until 24/12/2021

     OrphEus – a dance opera, a bold full-length work by Michael Parmenter with The New Zealand Dance Company premiered in Aotearoa / New Zealand's premier arts festivals, Auckland Arts Festival and NZ Festival. 

    Parmenter has drawn on a ravishing musical score, including Rameau and Charpentier, reflecting a period during which the ancient Greek hero invoked a harmonious cosmos and a hierarchical political order. Since then, Orpheus has come to represent art’s power to transcend suffering and death. In this richly layered, epic dance work, Parmenter brings these contending perspectives into conflict and dialogue. OrphEus confronts the power of music and voice in both the personal and the political realms, revealing, in this familiar story of love and loss, the tensions between seduction and restraint, harmony and disorder.

    Combining the power of dance, live music and theatre, Parmenter’s incredible vision is brought to life by The New Zealand Dance Company, performing alongside Grammy Award-winning American tenor Aaron Sheehan, baroque ensemble Latitude 37 and special guests*.

    NZDC’s Artistic Director Shona McCullagh draws together a superlative creative team including Tracy Grant Lord, John Verryt, Nik Janiurek, Keren Chiaroni and David Downes.

    *OrphEus is available with live music and singing depending on artist availability and presentation provisions for additional cast and crew.  Please refer to technical rider for further details if you wish to find out more about the live music and singing options available.

  • Trolleys

    Produced by: The New Zealand Dance Company ,
    Available from 16/09/2018 until 18/12/2021

    Winner of the Argus Angel Award (Brighton Festival, UK), Shaun Parker’s TROLLEYS is a twenty-minute outdoor dance theatre work utilising five supermarket trolley and five exceptional NZDC dancers: Carl Tolentino, Chris Ofanoa, Chrissy Kokiri, Katie Rudd, and Xin Ji.

    Choreographed by Shaun Parker and set to a stunning orchestral score by composer Nick Wales (Sydney Symphony, Sydney Dance Company, Sarah Blasko, SBS, ABC), the work creates a highly physical, extraordinary urban world incorporating high-octane contemporary dance, acrobatics, street dance, parkour and seemingly ordinary everyday objects – the supermarket trolley.  

    Described as ‘so cutting edge it actually wanders off the edge of any single-word definition...’. 

    The 20-minute work can be easily adapted to a wide variety of outdoor locations such as shopping malls, courtyards, railway station clear ways, basketball courts and a range of other public spaces. It has also played indoors in the central walkways of shopping centres to huge audiences.

    Shaun Parker’s TROLLEYS has been on award-winning tours in the UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Australia. It’s New Zealand premiere was at Auckland Live‘s Summer in the Square and was also performed at Hamilton Gardens Festival.

  • Jan van de Stool in PARTING THE RED CURTAIN

    Produced by: Amazon Woman Enterprises ,
    Available from 01/05/2020 until 31/12/2022

    Join Musical Therapist, Jan van de Stool, and her extensive ego, as she reflects on her life in the ‘business of show’. From humble beginnings in Schiermonnikoog (an unpronounceable village in Holland), to being seen by over one million viewers, Jan keeps it real presenting self-help workshops at her local Scout Hall, where she’s helped, literally, tens of people.

    Never one to “rest on her wattles”, Jan recently added ‘psychic medium’ to her list of faux credentials. Humbly explaining, that in psychic circles, she’s known as a “medium rare”, things go horribly wrong when she mistakenly channels her own disgruntled (and dead) ex-student, who, once unleashed, is determined to get her money’s worth of the workshop Jan refused to refund.

    Jan’s perfect looking life on “Spacebook” and “MyFace” begins to unravel, (along with her grip on the English language), and the real story of her life unfolds.

  • The Adventures of Xin

    Produced by: The New Zealand Dance Company ,
    Available from 25/01/2019 until 18/12/2021

    The Adventures of Xin is NZDC’s fabulous, fun, family show for all ages. This three-part dance comedy gives us a slice of Xin’s impressive life, with an undercurrent that celebrates success, individuality and happiness.

    The Adventures of Xin is part of NZDC’s schools performance programme, that NZDC tours around schools. The programme was specifically designed for family and youth audiences, touching on child-friendly themes and woven with a lot of humour. The Adventures of Xin is a combination of family fun, comedy and sophisticated contemporary dance. All ages
    will enjoy this performance which features dance pieces by Asheigh Perrett, Tupua Tigafua and linking works by NZDC dancers, including Xin Ji.

  • Lumina

    Produced by: The New Zealand Dance Company ,
    Available from 02/04/2018 until 18/12/2022

    Lumina is The New Zealand Dance Company's highly successful triple bill programme of works inspired by the provocation of image and movement. Two New Zealand choreographer/composer duos and one Dutch choreographer present works in a triple bill of light, sound and movement.

    The season premiered in Auckland in August 2015 and has toured to Holland Dance Festival, Germany, New Zealand, National Theatre Chaillot in Paris and the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool.

  • Queenie van de Zandt in BLUE: The Songs Of Joni Mitchel

    Produced by: Neil Gooding Productions Pty Ltd ,
    Available from 01/01/2019 until 01/01/2022

    Writers: Queenie van de Zandt & Max Lambert

    Musical Director: Max Lambert

    In BLUE, Queenie, renowned for her artful storytelling and raw, emotive vocals, explores the songs, stories and art of the musical legend that is Joni Mitchell.

    Renaissance woman, painter and poet, Mitchell created a soundtrack for the Woodstock generation.

    "Joni is my favourite singer/songwriter and I've been wanting to do a show about her and her music for some time," said Queenie. "She gave a daughter up for adoption early in her career and her music was so influenced by this experience. Having given birth to a daughter myself in 2017, it felt like a perfect time to explore this mother and daughter relationship and the effect that becoming a parent has on your creativity."

    In BLUE: The Songs of Joni Mitchell, Queenie, along with award-winning musical director Max Lambert and a live band, explores her love of all things Joni – affectionately reinterpreting Joni Mitchell's melancholy music, and intimately revealing the stories behind some of her most haunting songs such as A Case of You, Both Sides Now and Little Green.

    Following rave reviews, and sell-out performances in 2017 at the Queensland and Melbourne Cabaret Festivals and the Hayes Theatre in Sydney, BLUE: The Songs of Joni Mitchell, has continued its success touring Australia and the US in 2018 with more dates set for 2019 and beyond. Along the way it has won 3 prestigious theatre awards, as well as being nominated for the Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret Performer and the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Cabaret Production. 

    BLUE: THE Songs of Joni Mitchell, is a beguiling night of melancholic songs, poetic storytelling and haunting vocals in a perfect intimate setting.

  • The Early Early Late Show

    Produced by: The Court Jesters ,
    Available from 30/09/2019 until 31/12/2021

    Our clever cast of Court Jesters are the masters of fast, funny, improvised comedy. They’ll create scenes, stories and songs on the spot with nothing but the audiences ideas to inspire them.

    The only show that both a seven and twelve-year-old will enjoy, The Early Early Late Show is unmissable comedy for tweenagers – and their grown-ups.

  • Scared Scriptless

    Produced by: The Court Jesters ,
    Available from 28/08/2019 until 31/12/2021

    Christchurch’s fastest, funniest comedians come together to perform Scared Scriptless; the comedy show that’ll have you doubled over in laughter.

    Combining the wit of stand-up, the exhilaration of theatre and the most brilliant – or brilliantly stupid - comedy prompts, Scared Scriptless is the longest running late-night comedy show in the country for good reason.

    This improvised show delivers a new experience every time, whether you’ve seen the show a dozen times, or are experiencing the magical chaos of Scared Scriptless for the very first time.

  • Live Live Cinema: Night of the Living Dead

    Produced by: Jumpboard Ltd ,

    Live Live Cinema returns with its most ambitious production yet, George A. Romero's 1968 cult classic Night of the Living Dead. In an electrifying collision between cinema, theatre and music, the film which birthed the zombie genre is screened silently as Byron Coll takes on the colossal task of performing the dialogue of every single character (dead or undead), playing an entirely new score composed by Leon Radojkovic, and creating every sound effect using a bewildering array of implements and objects. Sam Snedden directs this exhilarating and immersive experience which smashes through the barriers between cinema, theatre and music.

    From 27 May 2020, Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre


    Note - 2 Vimeo clips from previous Live Live Cinema productions and Work-In-Progress Teaser promo for Night Of...

  • Night Light

    Produced by: The New Zealand Dance Company ,
    Available from 29/07/2020 until 31/08/2022

    In Night Light, founding Artistic Director and Arts Laureate Shona McCullagh combines the vibrant aesthetic of New Zealand's Victoria Colombus in her work The Fibonacci in contrast to up and coming Māori choreographer Eddie Elliott (Ngāti Maniapoto) creating Behind The Canvas, his first work for the Company.

    Victoria Colombus' The Fibonacci, co-commissioned by the Festival of Colour and NZDC, is a reflection of the hidden patterns that weaves us together and reflects the harmony of our world. In a tribute to the memory of NZ arts luminary Sue Paterson, this commission was also generously supported by Jane Vesty, Greg Fahey and Brian Sweeney of SweeneyVesty. 

    Colombus, alongside sound and spatial designer Rowan Pierce, uses the mathematical Fibonacci sequence and its mysterious golden spirals as a point of departure, examining and creating a physical language that at its heart explores energy pathways through movement, as the connecting force between us all. 

    Eddie Elliott’s Behind The Canvas is a work that presents a world that is both mythological and contemporary, considering what is between reality and fiction, incorporating the use of both sign language and haka as the rooted languages for his choreography. Eddie’s inspiration lies in the following statement:

    “This is my place, my land, where I will not be disturbed, a place where my people are safe and can live in peace. Through the sounds of the trembling, call to the ancestors where you can gather the harmony of papatuanuku.”

    Merenia Gray, who has been part of the pioneering movement of Maori Contemporary dance in Aotearoa, says of Eddie’s work in development:

    Behind The Canvas has reached a new level of expertise merging Maori values, movement, Kapa Haka, humour and technical excellence.”

    One of the components Eddie uses in this brave new work is clay. This stunning feature plays a vital role as an evolving character and set, a painted canvas.

    Currently in development, this programme will tour New Zealand in August 2020.


    Produced by: Proudly Asian Theatre ,
    Available from 01/01/2021 until 03/09/2022

    1991, Philippines. Mount Pinatubo has erupted. The ash settles in Christchurch, where the ground is also shifting, uncertain and evolving…

    The first play developed through Fresh off the Page monthly play-readings, we are excited to bring you the groundbreaking Filipino-led production of PINAY -  an explosive, moving and joyous romp shaking the foundations of Filipino and Kiwi culture.

    A heart-filled story bursting with Filipino flair, PINAY collides race, relationships and religion as an immigrant family and their assimilated daughter Alex test the lengths we go to change for the ones we love.


    Produced by: Atamira Dance Company ,
    Available from 02/03/2020 until 18/12/2022

    PANGO is a meditation on the space of Te Kore - potentiality, and the eternity of existence before light.

    Atamira Dance Company invites audiences to enter into the nothing, the blackness. In this formless state of consciousness lies potential, movement, energy and life. 

    The collaboration of choreographer Moss Patterson with master musicians James Webster and Shayne Carter, six powerful male dancers and award-winning spatial and projection designers create a unique and mesmeric fusion of movement imagery, light, and sound.

     PANGO is a journey of unfolding to find oneself.

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