• Silvie Paladino - The Songs of Eva Cassidy

    Produced by: Winding Road Productions ,
    Available from 25/03/2019 until 31/12/2020

    The Songs of Eva Cassidy is a celebration of one of the great voices of the 20th Century and who better to pay tribute to this genius than Australia’s own Silvie Paladino.

  • KaBooM

    Produced by: Wilde Applause Creative Productions ,
    Available from 05/01/2017 until 31/12/2020

    KaBooM: Stories From Distant Frontlines is a highly visual performance work based on real stories of refugees who fought on various battle frontlines and arrived to build new lives in Australia.

    In the work they are welcomed to this country by Sylvia Purrurle Neale, an indigenous Arrernte woman, who watches each tale unfold. Whilst witnessing their plight, Sylvia also tells her own story of struggle and ‘war’; and in response to their collective hardship she opens her heart and invites them to share the ‘spirits’ of the land:

    Reach out feel our spirits.
    Come sit with us, learn our ways.
    This Country, anytime anywhere we are here.

    KaBooM positions the audience, as witness, into the midst of the performance arena. They are placed in a metaphorical field of war, populated with visual imagery and the debris of battle. Spectators are moved through discrete performance areas. There is no fourth wall - the sense of involvement and engagement is direct.

  • Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

    Produced by: Wilde Applause Creative Productions ,
    Available from 03/04/2017 until 31/12/2020

    Feeling a little monogamish? Helen Cassidy’s solo comedy show takes a long, hard, cross-eyed look at the complexities of intimate relationships.

    Gently provoking but always entertaining, the show combines personal history, teddy bear dress-ups, puppetry, audience interaction, balloon games, plush toys and a sprinkle of jazzy songs. The themes and scenes change swiftly to cover topics of marriage, long-term relationships, sexual kinks and finally polyamory as the entire audience are taken under a giant sheet for the ultimate love-in!

  • The Spinners

    Produced by: LimosaniProjekts ,
    Available from 03/02/2019 until 30/06/2021

    Australian Choreographer Lina Limosani and Scottish visual theatre director Al Seed plunge audiences into the story of the Fates of Greek mythology.  Virtuoso Australian dancers Tara Jade Samaya and Kialea-Nadine Williams join Limosani on stage to play the three Fates who spin, measure and cut the thread of life, creating an emotionally charged dance-theatre performance which weaves together themes of mortality, freewill and sisterhood.Through stunning imagery, an immersive original score, dance and theatre, this work is a fiercely dynamic piece, delivered with relentless intensity and athleticism in an exhilarating journey into myth and imagination.

  • Not Today's Yesterday

    Produced by: LimosaniProjekts ,
    Available from 01/01/2019 until 31/12/2021

    'With work such as this, one feels one should give a round of applause some 48 hours later.' Broadway World UK

    Once upon a time… in a faraway land… it happened… did not happen… could have happened. History is passed on like stories from generation to generation. But what if the stories are not what they seem?

    This award winning work is an International collaboration between UK award-winning Bharatanatyam artist Seeta Patel and Australian choreographer Lina Limosani. This work blends techniques from Bharatanatyam, contemporary dance & theatre to create a poetic narrative that has the beauty & disquiet of a Grimm’s fairy-tale. Told through a fairytale, this theatrical work's story unfolds through movement, dance and music with a continuous poetic and evocative narration. With striking imagery, it’s a one-woman show which subversively co-opts whitewashing against itself, with cultural appropriation at its core.

    This accessible show blurs the lines between dance and theatre with a story that aligns perfectly with our history of colonialism. 

    It’s a visual performative metaphor that talks about power and manipulation, stories and culture, BUT most importantly, it's about awareness, about each of our contributions and the roles we play in creating the story we are in today.

    Not Today's Yesterday took home the Graham Smith Peace Foundation Award and the Bank SA Best in Dance Award at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe.



  • Super Circus Squad

    Produced by: Happy Haps Productions ,
    Available from 15/05/2019 until 31/12/2020

    Super Circus Squad is a superhero origin story about two brand new circus superheroes. High energy acrobatics, aerials stunts, slapstick comedy and a whole lot of power posing. Kids and adults join in, in a highly interactive journey to help our heroes find their powers, fears, strengths, weaknesses and most importantly their names! They will need as much help as they can get in order to defeat their super villain, the audience VILLAINTEER! Choose your words wisely.

    The underlying message of this show is one of mutual respect while at the same time turning traditional gender stereotypes on their head. Performers Hannah Cryle (strong woman, base, catcher) and Reece Cooper (acrobat, flyer, aerialist) are passionate about creating shows for children that demonstrate non-typical gender role models. Through the course of the show both Cryle and Cooper display strength, grace, cleverness and stupidity in equal measure in a deliberate attempt to untie those traits from any one gender. The pair play equal roles throughout the show deferring to each other's expertise and celebrating each other's strengths. Super Circus Squad illustrates appropriate communication and relationships between men and wom

  • SONU, Songs from the Homeland

    Produced by: Salvatore Rossano and Santa Taranta ,
    Available from 11/01/2019 until 31/12/2020

    ‘Sonu’ is a musical journey that celebrates Italian folk music in Australia. Beautiful songs, stories and voices from the National Library of Australia's collections come alive in this powerful, emotional and life affirming show.

    Sounds (Suoni) that travel through space and time. Songs that talk about migration, love and loss, hope and life in a new country.

    The project ‘Sonu’, is based on selected field recordings archived at the National Library during the past 40 years. Composer and ethnomusicologist Salvatore Rossano has researched these stories and songs, arranging them along with his own new compositions, to create a vibrant experience of Italian Folk music with a fresh twist, revealing the richness of the past and the present of Italian music in Australia.

    The line up includes some of the best interpreters of Contemporary Italian Folk Music in Australia, the band Santa Taranta, led by musician, singer and band leader Salvatore Rossano, who migrated from Italy to Australia in 2014.


    Produced by: Melanie Parry ,
    Available from 01/01/1999 until 31/01/2020

    MELANIE PARRY starred as the singing VOICE of JUDY GARLAND, in the multi award winning Peter Allen TV Mini Series for Shine Endemol Productions in 2015. The show was touted as one of the biggest TV events for the year!

    MELANIE PARRY is also nationally and internationally known for her original muscial theatre show creation the ‘JUDY’, ‘The Judy Garland Story in Song’.

    The show was officially launched in 1999, and has since won wide acclaim receiving standing ovations and rave reviews for her performances at the Monte Carlo Casino, Las Vegas, to the concert halls and theatre’s of Australia, Europe, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

    It was from her reputation with this acclaimed show creation that drew producers to her stage show to cast her for this prestigious TV series singing role of the decade in order to recreat the VOICE of the legend JUDY GARLAND for some of the films iconic scenes.

    In 2016, Melanie joined the cast of HIDDEN SYDNEY, The Glittering Mile musical for a special appearance playing Judy Garland's in a scene recreated at the Silver Spade.

    In her live JUDY stage show, the extraordinary voice of MELANIE PARRY brings to life the legend of Judy Garland in a full spellbinding concert dedicated to this magnificent star of Hollywood’s heyday.

    You will love to hear as MELANIE PARRY masterfully recreates so many of Judy's famous numbers like “Zing Went the Strings”, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “Get Happy”, “The Trolley Song”, “San Francisco”, “Swannee”, “You Made Me Love You”, “The Man That Got Away”, “Chicago”, “Just In Time”, “Rockabye” and so many more.

    Melanie Parry transports her audience back in time as we hear of Garland’s career spanning the years from when she started performing at the age of 2, to her auditions with MGM, the golden years with Vincente Minnelli, who directed Judy in many of her most memorable MGM musicals, to the eventual split with Metro, her triumphant Concert Years with producer and manager Sid Luft, her dramatically demanding film role in A Star is Born, to her Carnegie Hall triumphs, and her children the incredible Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft, to the glitz and glamour, triumphs & tragedies that was Judy’s life, to the final end with her tragic death in 1969 at the age of only 47 years.

    Melanie Parry’s shows are renowned for including AV film footage and this show was the first of its kind to include clips of Judy Garland as Judy’s story is told, adding to the overall visual excitement and thrill as you see so many wonderful memories of Judy as she appeared in her many concerts and films.

    Hop on a trolley and take a ride with the fabulous VOICE and sparkling personality of this sensational artiste, MELANIE PARRY as she sings the songs and brings to life the story of JUDY GARLAND like no other performer!!

    The show is currently available with a 3 piece ensemble to a full concert experience with a six to sixteen piece orchestra and Musical Director.  The show is also ideal and in high demand for the Performing Arts Morning Melodies theatre market with Musical Director Mr Bruce Mainstone on Grand Piano.

    Melanie Parry's shows are renowned for including AV film footage and this show was the first of its kind to include clips of Judy Garland as Judy's story is told, adding to the overall visual excitment and thrill as you see so many wonderful memories of Judy as she appeared in her many concerts and films.

    Go See Melanie Parry's website link:


    Hop on a trolley and take a ride with the fabulous voice and sparkling personality of this sensational artiste, MELANIE PARRY as she sings the songs and brings to life the story of Judy Garland like no other performer!!

    The show is currently available with a 3 piece ensemble to a full concert experience with a Six to sixteen piece orchestra with Musical Director Mr Michael Hope.

    The show is also ideal and in high demand for the Morning Melodies market with Musical Director Mr Bruce Mainstone on Grand Piano.

    Go Apple Music & iTunes to download the latest recordings by Melanie Parry

  • Dr Hubble's Bubbles

    Produced by: Shep Huntly ,
    Available from 15/03/2019 until 31/12/2020

    Dr Hubble’s Bubble’s is the perfect performance for younger audiences. It’s a fun and funny show full of wow moments and wonder that has children enthralled from start to finish. Dr Hubble’s Bubbles is not narrative driven, it’s an exploration into the wonderful world of bubbles and the amazing things they can do.

    The show is full of genuine enthusiasm, Dr Hubble really does love bubbles. Using bubbles as his medium Dr Hubble gently explores the themes of recycling and waste minimisation, kindness and cooperation.

    Dr Hubble is played by circus and sideshow legend Shep Huntly. Shep has 28 years’ experience on the stage and has performed in theatres and at festivals in 30 different countries around the world


    "The show was  laugh out loud funny and amazingly inventive "     Weekend Notes

    "By the shows end one had the distinct impression that  he could have whipped out a pipe and led all our children away to some bubble filled nirvana. And because he seems like such an earnestly sweet chap, we'd probably let him. Go see it"

    The West Australian


  • An evening with The Frank Burkitt Band

    Produced by: Frank Burkitt ,
    Available from 01/08/2018 until 01/12/2020

    Frank Burkitt is a songwriter and a storyteller. His head is overflowing with entertaining anecdotes that pour into his music. Inspired by jazz, blues, folk, swing, soul and all things American Roots, his excellent string band have become popular throughout New Zealand thanks to their strong musicianship and tight arrangements. Burkitt's delivery of both song and story will leave you intrigued and entertained. They will also be joined by the extreme talents of multi instrumentalist and one man horn section Oscar Laven and ferocious jazz pianist and singer Louis Thompson Munn.  


  • A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf

    Produced by: Sentient Theatre ,
    Available from 30/08/2019 until 01/08/2021

    In Sentient Theatre’s inaugural piece, we celebrate the beautiful literacy and conceptual genius of Virginia Woolf, one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, and her classic work, ‘A Room of One’s Own’. Based on a series of lectures by Woolf in 1928 on the subject of women and fiction, this adaptation restructures the narrative to feature four performers who represent various aspects of Woolf’s mind in conversation with herself and the audience. The piece both energetically debates and gently reflects on the history of gender disparity, while keeping Woolf’s striking use of metaphor and charming humour alive.

    If you want to understand what is happening in the world today, this is the perfect place to start.

    We are happy to announce that A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf will have a two week Encore performance season at Fortyfivedownstairs in collaboration with La Mama, from the 15th - 28th July 2019, followed by a Regional Arts Victoria tour in August 2019. 

  • CIRCUS FIRE Spectacular!

    Produced by: ZAP CIRCUS ,
    Available from 13/04/2018 until 01/03/2020

    "EXTREME Award" Winner

    Western Australia's ONLY internationally awarded flame show! A high energy flame and SPfx show with two performers, involving small fire and BIG fire, acrobatics, duo adagio and plenty of laughs! Culminating in an unbelievable spectacular of Fire, Acrobatics and Wit!

  • My Life - The Songs & Stories of BILLY JOEL

    Produced by: KTC Entertainment ,
    Available from 30/03/2019 until 01/01/2021

    More than just a Piano Man, Billy Joel is a living legend of the music industry with a catalogue of hit songs spanning nearly 50 years. The singer/songwriter not only has fascinating stories behind his music, but also compelling stories behind the man himself.

    Featuring live performances of his greatest songs, along with audio visual footage and narration.

  • ROCK VENUS - the songs of Linda Ronstadt

    Available from 03/09/2018 until 31/12/2021

    ROCK VENUS – the songs of Linda Ronstadt

    is a celebration of the massive roll-call of toe-tapping, heart-rending, soul stirring hits recorded by the most successful, highest paid, female solo act of her era, Linda Ronstadt.

    In 2012 Linda Ronstadt - winner of 11 Grammy Awards and more - announced to the world that she had Parkinson’s Disease and was unable to sing another note.

    Melbourne singer, Jane Clifton (hit singles Girl on the Wall, Taxi Mary - and TV's Prisoner alumni) is delighted to pay tribute to one her favourite singers. In company with rock ‘n roll gal royalty – Clare Moore on drums and Rosie Westbrook on bass.

    Rock Venus is the show for fans of Linda Ronstadt – and more.


  • The Bureau Of Untold Stories

    Produced by: Brymore Productions ,
    Available from 06/01/2020 until 20/12/2020

    “The masters of innovative, interactive and improvised children’s theatre.” 
 - Winchester Discovery Centre

    The world’s stories have gone missing, but inspectors Dexter Sharpe and Poppy Hasluck of The Bureau Of Untold Stories believe they know who is responsible- an elusive criminal mastermind known simply as 'The Eraser'. Now they just need YOUR help to prove it was him.

    Become  the newest recruit of The Bureau Of Untold Stories and join the daring detectives as they set out to solve their ever growing pile of cases. Witness the pair’s unconventional storytelling skills bring to life a series of different tales from ridiculous news articles and warped fairytales to legendary epics, that all stem from the wild suggestions of the audience.

    Filled with outrageous accents, live sound effects, and unbelievable antics, The Bureau Of Untold Stories combines the silly, sleuthing adventures of 'The Pink Panther' with the unpredictable hilarity of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' for an imagination igniting, detective drama that's fun for the whole family.

  • Tomfoolery - The Words and Music of Tom Lehrer

    Produced by: Loaded Productions ,
    Available from 01/01/2019 until 01/12/2020

    TOM LEHRER!  Satire!  Songs!  Piano!  TOM LEHRER!  Genius mathematician, tickling ivories and tickling funny bones since, well, never mind...

    TOM LEHRER!  'Ghoul Singer!' Adelaide Advertiser, 26th March, 1960.

    Shake, rattle and roll your funny bones along to see Susan,  Michael, Sean and Peter sing over 20 hilarious, ghoulish Lehrer songs including POISONING PIGEONS IN THE PARK, THE MASOCHISM TANGO and THE VATICAN RAG in brainy, laugh like drainy, caberet-ny "TOMFOOLERY"!

  • Hell Ship - The Journey of The Ticonderoga

    Produced by: Chester Creative ,
    Available from 30/11/2019 until 30/11/2020

    Hell Ship - the Journey of the Ticonderoga

     “Ticonderoga limped through the heads into Port Phillip. Her horrific voyage at an end, she appeared as a ghost ship...”

    A Sea Voyage | A Tragedy | A Love Story

    The story of the Ticonderoga delves into Michael Veitch’s love of history, but also explores the themes of family, courage and does what he loves most - shines the light on a monumental, but almost forgotten, story.

    On the back of his successful tour of 'Flak', Michael Veitch has put together another one-man show, this time concerning one of the most dramatic, yet now-forgotten chapters of Australia's early maritime history.

    In the spring of 1852, the clipper, Ticonderoga entered Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay after a hellish three-month voyage from Liverpool, her 800 mainly Scots Highland passengers wracked with Typhus. Nearly a quarter had perished at sea. On news of the arrival of this 'Plague Ship', the young city of Melbourne went into a panic. 

    Only via the tireless efforts of Ticonderoga's assistant surgeon - a young man barely out of training - were many of her passengers saved, not only onboard the ship, but later when she was ordered to offload her sick onto a makeshift hospital on the beach. This young man became the hero of the Ticonderoga story, was briefly feted, then disappeared into a quiet life as a country doctor.

    With the aid of images and a soundscape composed by Michael's son Thomas Veitch, Michael tells the story of the Ticonderoga. Learn of the ship's characters as he recounts their remarkable stories of endurance and survival. Primarily though, he will be in the role of the young surgeon, now older, looking back to this most dramatic chapter of his life. Why?

    That young surgeon happens to have been Veitch's great-great grandfather, James William Henry Veitch.

    For Michael Veitch, this is a very personal story.

  • Point of No Return

    Produced by: Essence Productions ,
    Available from 01/06/2019 until 31/08/2019

    Point of No Return is a gripping drama based on the true story of the Point Puer boys' prison at Port Arthur.  It is a highly energetic riveting play that centres around a group of youths and a guard struggling to survive the prison.  A new young convict, Jeremiah, is introduced affecting each member of the group.  The themes of juvenile incarceration are still relevant today especially with the recent riots and escapes at Don Dale, Parkville and Malmsbury.   Does punishment work? Can we rehabilitate them? How do we rehabilitate them?   It is published at

    We have just completed a highly successful Victoria tour (Drysdale, Wyndham Cultural Centre, The Melba Collingwood, The Capital Bendigo and Frankston Performing Arts Centre).  Point of No Return has been selected to be part of the Albury Entertainment Centre's and Griffith Regional Theatre NSW as part of their 2019 season.  This tour could be extended.  We would also like to tour Point in 2020.

  • Echolalia

    Produced by: Kallo Collective NZ ,
    Available from 01/06/2019 until 31/12/2020

    A young woman on the autistic spectrum prepares for a much needed job interview and society’s social norms are put under the spotlight in this "uplifting, very funny and totally optimistic"* clown theatre show by Jen McArthur.  *Theatreview.

    Inspired by the originality, struggles and joys of autistic children she worked with, McArthur’s delightful character Echo doesn’t register social niceties, yet wants to be part of the world. Echolalia shares an experienced understanding of high functioning autism, “with touching honesty, sympathy and a huge sense of humour” (The Student, Edinburgh) and does it through gentle and hilarious audience interaction, dance and physical comedy.

    “Through clowning, McArthur manages to conjure up a strange and unfamiliar realm without patronizing either her subject or her audience” The Scotsman.

    “Magnificently performed” 3 Weeks, Edinburgh

  • A Prudent Man

    Produced by: Lab Kelpie ,
    Available from 01/01/2017 until 31/12/2020

    A well-groomed, confident-looking man enters the room and sits on a comfortable and expensive-looking leather chair. A bright light shines on him. There’s water and a glass on a table, but that’s all. Perhaps this is an investigation. What has he done wrong?

    What makes the Trumps, the Abbotts and the Hansons of this world tick? What would happen if their world started to shift ever so slightly?

    This darkly comedic political thriller asks what it means to be right... in more ways than one.

    Written and directed by Katy Warner and performed by Lyall Brooks, A Prudent Man won the 2016 Melbourne Fringe People's Choice Award from over 400 productions.

    In 2017 it enjoyed a sold out season to over 600 audience members at Fringe World Perth where it was nominated for Best Theatre and has just returned from a sold out season at Darwin Festival where we added an extra show due to demand!


    A Prudent Man has resonated with audiences from all demographics who are keen to explore a work that touches on the current state of political discourse in Australia.


    BUDGET NOTES: As this production is not applying for tour funding, the weekly tour costs listed above INCLUDE all travel and accommodation costs in the sell-off fee to give assurance to Presenters on the final fee.

    Weekly fee: $9,930 (plus GST) – one week including 6 days at 1 venue and a maximum of 8 performances. Includes 2 workshops. Maximum of 2 activities per day.

    Split fee: $5,960 (plus GST) – two or more das at one venue. Includes 1 workshop. Maximum of 2 activities per day.

    Daily fee: $3,475 (plus GST) – 1 day. Maximum of 2 activities. 1 workshop and 1 performance, or 2 performances.



    WINNER: 2016 Melbourne Fringe People’s Choice Award

    WINNER: 2016 Melbourne Fringe WA Tour Ready Award

    NOMINATED: 2016 Green Room Awards for Best New Writing

    NOMINATED: 2016 Melbourne Fringe Award for Best Performance

    NOMINATED: 2017 Fringe World Perth - Best Theatre

    OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2017 New York United Solo Festival

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