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Owls Do Cry (In Development, New Zealand)


19 Nov 2019 - 31 Mar 2021

Short Synopsis

For Red Leap’s latest work we will be adapting Janet Frames first published novel “Owls Do Cry”.

Considered the first great New Zealand novel and a modernist masterpiece, Owls Do Cry, first published in 1957, tells of the Withers siblings, Daphne, Chicks, Toby and Francie, and their struggles with financial instability, mental health, disability and grief.

While a strong reflection of the time at which it was written, Owls Do Cry remains innovative and relevant. Frame’s idiosyncratic and startlingly visual style means that the book’s immense power to unnerve, astonish and impress endures.

Written By
Adapted by Heather Timms from Janet Frame's novel
Directed By
Julie Nolan
Malia Johnson
Designed By
Penny Fitt
Availability Status
Still in pre-production

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