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The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign (SA, Australia)


2 Apr 2018 - 2 Feb 2020

Short Synopsis

An aspiring actress stands on the 50-foot H, looking down at the lights of Los Angeles and the Dream Factory known as Hollywood. She has only ever wanted one thing: to be a star.

Winner of the inaugural 'Made in Adelaide' award, plus a host of awards, nominations and acclaim from Hollywood, Edinburgh and New York, Joanne Hartstone's "play with music" takes audiences on a nostalgic journey through the Golden Age of Hollywood from a whole new perspective.

***** “Joanne Hartstone is an all-round entertainer, oozing comedic, dramatic and musical talent in this magical performance. A true Super Star is Born.” – Edinburgh Guide

***** "An insider’s tour of Hollywood’s Golden era... A profound reflection on the use and abuse of women – their ambitions, their independence, their bodies and souls.This is an iron fist of a script nestling in a velvet glove.” – Edinburgh49

Reviews Feature

***** “Joanne Hartstone is an all-round entertainer, oozing comedic, dramatic and musical talent in this magical performance. A true Super Star is Born.” Vivien Devlin, Edinburgh Guide https://www.edinburghguide.com/festival/2017/edinburghfringe/thegirlwhojumpedoffthehollywoodsig nassemblyroxyreview-18545

***** “The Girl Who Jumped off the Hollywood Sign is Fringe theatre at its best – profound without being maudlin, sassy, smart, and above all edgy. This is an iron fist of a script nestling in a velvet glove.” – Dan Lentell, Edinburgh49 https://edinburgh49.org/2017/08/24/the-girl-who-jumped-off-the-hollywood-sign-assembly-roxy-until- 28-aug-11-30-70-mins/

***** “The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign takes us back to the glory days and sets the action right on top of that most recognisable of landmarks... This is much more than simple storytelling. Hair, make-up and costume are all perfect for the era, and Hartstone looks every bit the movie star as she weaves this tale of hopes, dreams and aspiration. The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign is fascinating, the audience were utterly captivated by Hartstone’s in depth character study and riveting performance. A very enjoyable piece of theatre which is as funny as it is poignant, and a real highlight of the Fringe.” – Greg Stewart, Theatre Weekly https://theatreweekly.com/edinburgh-review-the-girl-who-jumped-off-the- hollywood-sign/

***** “A superb one woman show... Joanne gives an incredible performance, deeply moving at times although with its moments of humour” – Lisa Sibbald, Southside Advertiser http://www.southsideadvertiser.biz/EF17-The-Girl-Who-Jumped-Off-The-Hollywood-Sign.htm

***** “Joanne Hartstone gives a masterful performance combining the many faces of her heroine – the frightened, the determined, the pathetic, the heroic – with outbreaks of song that not only spoke to the age but of the age. That she also wrote this play speaks further volumes for her talents; its research, concocting a tale of promise and poison Hollywood style, is interwoven without confusing complexity. In short, nothing detracts from the magic of this production.... the best piece of theatre this Fringe” – Peter Maddern, Kryztoff.com http://www.kryztoff.com/RAW/?p=9930

***** “I loved it! This show had surprising depth and feeling and was tightly edited for simplicity and maximum impact - it was all "hit!" Fantastic!” – Ray Q., Goldstar https://www.goldstar.com/purchases/9697077/attendance#attendance_review

****1⁄2 “[Hartstone’s] performance is outstanding... Joanne Hartstone is well-rehearsed and very emotionally brave as Evie, taking the audience back through Evie’s life from childhood to the top of the sign, where she now stands. Commanding the room in a one-woman show with no spectacular sets or costumes is a feat, and Hartstone manages this with style.” – Paige Mulholland, Adelaide Theatre Guide

**** “Hartstone’s accent and delivery are perfectly evocative of the period – her straight-talkin’ speech recalls Katharine Hepburn or Rosalind Russell, while her singing voice is akin to Judy Garland’s. As she relates her compelling, all-too-believable tale, that gigantic half-H looms in the background, a constant reminder of (almost) certain tragedy to come.” – Niki Boyle, The Scotsman http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/culture/edinburgh-festivals/theatre-review-the-girl-who-jumped- off-the-hollywood-sign-1-4528999

**** “Hartstone’s attention to detail results in an intimate portrayal of a woman struggling to picture an alternate path, as her childhood dream dissolves. There are moments of joy, humour and sweetness throughout this ode to those left in the wake of success and stardom. Her voice perfectly captures the nasal delivery of the period – as she leads us through several classic songs of the era, loosely attached to the narrative. Moving, entertaining and well researched, The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign is both a nostalgic voyage into the past, and a successful endeavor in illuminating the injustice within it often left unspoken.” – Fraser MacIntyre, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine http://www.edfestmag.com/the-girl- who-jumped-off-the-hollywood-sign/

**** “Versatility in full flight... A play about the typical quest for fame countless people have over the decades. Some may have heard whispers of past movie scandals, which this show deliciously serves up... Filled with a smattering of gossip of fallen idols and dubious industry practices, it’s hardly a rosy picture of L.A.’s most famous allure. But within them hide morality tales of wanting something so desperately that it ultimately can destroy you” – Patrick Moore, Glam Adelaide http://www.glamadelaide.com.au/main/fringe-review-the-girl-who- jumped-off-the-hollywood-sign/

**** “This one woman play both written and acted by Joanne Hartstone is a powerful tour de force which captures perfectly the illusion and subsequent disillusion of the golden age of Hollywood, 1949, where in a prescient warning to the wannabe stars of today ‘Celebrity has a short memory... The brutality of the movie industry is picked at like a sore scab” – The Quotidian Times https://thequotidiantimes.wordpress.com/2017/08/05/the-girl-who-jumped-off-the-hollywood-sign/

**** “Hartstone exudes confidence in her character and material. Hartstone further embodies the era through spot-on recreations of its song and dance; these numbers are high points. If looking to be starstruck, look no further.” – Carmen Paddock, Theatre Bubble http://www.theatrebubble.com/2017/08/edfringe-2017-girl-jumped-off-hollywood-sign-assembly-roxy/

**** “This is a well-researched, poignant and revealing piece of theatre that shows the extent of Hartstone’s abilities as a writer, singer and actress.” – Lynn Rusk, Broadway Baby http://broadwaybaby.com/shows/the-girl-who-jumped-off-the-hollywood-sign/720273

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW “This is a piece of well researched, consummately delivered and interesting theatre with a firm yet subtle message. Can’t recommend it more highly than that.”– Tim Wilcock, FringeReview.co.uk http://fringereview.co.uk/review/edinburgh-fringe/2017/the-girl-who-jumped-off-the-hollywood-sign/

TOP 10 RECOMMENDED “It’s hard to say whether Hartstone achieves greater success as a writer or as a performer. Her story incorporates personal fiction alongside juicy Hollywood history. As an actress, she carries her one-woman show through seventy minutes of Old Hollywood bliss. Her character, Mid-Atlantic dialect, and singing (yes, singing!) are all on point: stylistically, you almost feel as if you are watching a scene from a 1940s classic. At the core of the show is an examination of the horrific burdens women have had to bear in order to survive and gain acceptance and success. As Edwards ponders her own demise, she draws links to the haunting deaths of Jean Harlow, Judy Garland, and others. Is it any wonder that so many women have gone down roads of self-destruction in pursuit of perfection?” – Vanessa Cate, Stage Raw http://stageraw.com/2017/06/20/hollywood-fringe-2017-the-girl- who-jumped-off-the-hollywood-sign- theater-review/

“A one of a kind show... Joanne totally embodies the character of Evelyn, and her American accent is relaxed and flawless as we are let into Evelyn's life through her many façades. Throughout the show Hartstone plays a number of different characters who she switches seamlessly from with ease, so much so that one could be mistaken for thinking there were more bodies on stage. But no, it is just Hartstone, working alone amongst a very simple set as she brings to light all the colour and pizzazz of this era gone by. She unfolds her story through word and songs, originally sung by many of the great stars of the era, and her voice, just like her acting, is strong. Her contralto vocals make you think of a young Judy Garland. During the course of the performance Hartstone has the ability to milk every line in this well written show. Her connection with the audience is instantaneous and from start to finish, both actor and audience member are one. Her spin on the 1940's is different to what many may know and this show is in part a mini history lesson from these times. Hartstone has thoroughly researched her facts and the work pays off.” – Fiona Talbot-Leigh, Broadway World http://www.broadwayworld.com/adelaide/article/BWW-Review-ADELAIDE-FRINGE- 2017-THE- GIRL-WHO-JUMPED-OFF-THE-HOLLYWOOD-SIGN-at-Noel-Lothian-Hall-Adelaide-Botanic- Gardens-20170312

“Hartstone looks wonderful as Evie with beautiful luscious blonde locks and a stunning black frock which Evie brags once belonged to Theda Bara. She adopts not only a good midwest accent as Evie, but throws in different American accents for other characters. And she sings, song after song, in a classic 1940s style evocative of Billie Holiday. Be magically transported into Hartstone's faraway world of Hollywood at its ruthless fairy-story height” – Samela Harris, The Barefoot Review http://www.thebarefootreview.com.au/menu/theatre/119-2014-adelaide-reviews/1515-the-girl-who- jumped-off-the-hollywood-sign.html

“This show was #5 on our list of “most anticipated” shows at HFF17, and it definitely did not disappoint. Hartstone’s voice is amazing... [she] would have been a star with them had she lived back then. You simply must see it.” – Bob Leggett, Indie Voice Blog http://www.lamusiccritic.com/indie_voice_blog/hff17-see-it-or-skip-it-day-2-part-1/

“One of the most deserving shows. An intimate and intelligent assessment of the perils of the siren call of fame.It was a stellar performance... Written and performed with stunning, emotional honesty.” – Ernest Kearney, The TVolution

“Hartstone’s skill as storyteller lies in the believability she provides when conjuring up the ancillary characters. Accents and details are thrown in to add colour and paint a picture of the heady allure of the period – even in a time of war, the Hollywood Canteen seems the place to be, overflowing with celebrities and soldiers. Except Hartstone peels back the curtain and reveals the nightmare underneath, an existence made of depression and pills. Her recollection of Judy Garland’s on-set breakdown is particularly emotional to hear.” – Tom Ward, Culture By Night https://danielperks13.wordpress.com/2017/08/07/edinburgh-review-the-girl-who-jumped-off-the- hollywood-sign/

“Hartstone gives a platform to showcase her multi-talented capabilities.: not only does she superbly embody the character Evelyn Edmonds, a young Hollywood wanna-be starlet, but she also sings classic jazz tunes from the 1940s. With a voice that sounds similar to that of the greats Judy Garland and Jean Harlow, Hartstone commands the attention of her audience throughout the nostalgic performance.” – April Brenner, BCauseARTS

“This show is a gift, it is history mixed with sobering observations on the dangers of high expectations that can never be met. It creates a beautiful piece of theater that transports the audience to another era with style and grace.” – Russell Eaton, My Haunt Life http://www.myhauntlife.com/hollywood-fringe-fest-2017-preview-week-reviews/

Written By
Joanne Hartstone
Directed By
Vince Fusco
Designed By
Tom Kitney
Joanne Hartstone
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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