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Children of the Road (QLD, Australia)


18 Jun 2015 - 1 Jun 2017

Short Synopsis

In Children of the Road, award winning group MZAZA and acclaimed director Angela Chaplin join forces to bring to life stories of migrants from around the world. Exploring themes of migrations and the spirits of ancestors left behind, Children of the Road is an intimate and energetic show inspired by the stories of MZAZA’s families. Songs and stories trace singer Pauline Maudy's Jewish family's journey from Spain to Morocco, France and Australia over the last few centuries, followed by percussionist Jordan Stamos's tragic family history in the Turkish and Greek population exchange of the 1920s.

Ultimately, through tales of persecution and trial, a joy of freedom and celebration for life pervades Children of the Road. The sorrow and triumph of migration are threaded with grace through music, narrative, and evocative visuals.

Children of the Road offers audiences an opportunity to celebrate their ancestry by incorporating submitted stories into the show.

Reviews Feature

"A world where the past is ever-present and music knows no borders. FOUR STARS” – The Courier Mail

“Pauline Maudy… has the voice of an angel.” – Sounds Of Oz

“A unique and uniquely diverse band.” – 4ZZZ

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