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A Slightly Isolated Dog's Brand New Show (North Island, New Zealand)


15 Nov 2020 - 31 Dec 2023

Short Synopsis

Comedy. Chaos. Excitement. Delight.

The very famous, very French theatre company, A Slightly Isolated Dog is making a brand-new show!

We are working with our audience to decide on the story and create the same kind of chaos and joy from our previous works: Don Juan and Jekyll & Hyde.

Celebrating the boldness and uncertainty of life, this interactive performance-party is thrown by five charmingly "French" performers. 

Award-winning theatre company A Slightly Isolated Dog is theatre at its most joyous with twisted pop songs, brilliant physical comedy and plenty of sass.

Winner: Judges' Excellence Award, 2016 Auckland Theatre Awards for Don Juan

Reviews Feature

"There's not a speck of bullshit in it" - Arthur Meek

"A highly sophisticated show" - John Smythe

Written By
A Slightly Isolated Dog
Directed By
Leo Gene Peters
Designed By
Meg Rollandi, Leo Gene Peters, Sam Clavis
Susie Berry, Jack Buchanan, Andrew Paterson, Jonathan Price, Comfrey Sanders
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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