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A Day In The Life Of You (Vic, Australia)


9 Sep 2019 - 31 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

'A Day In The Life Of You' is a musical theatre show for children aged 2 - 6 and their grownups featuring three-part harmony singing, live instruments, theatre and gorgeous artistry to create a colourful world for children which reflects everyday life in a most imaginative way!

The show follows three characters, Yella, Reddy and Blueno as they progress through their day in the land of the Sprouty Sprouts. Although excited about putting on a show for their audience, each time they get started they discover that Yella (the child of the family) isn’t ready. Through an enchantinghour of song and dance, Yella is coaxed and prodded by the patient and caring Reddy and the stern, yet hilarious Blueno to get dressed, brush her teeth, clean up and go to the toilet. The show explores themes of independence, finding your voice, belonging and the importance of creativity.

Reviews Feature

"Their individual performances and the music are brilliantly entertaining. I’m thrilled and grateful to see fantastic talent putting on wonderful, high quality concerts for young children to devour." 

Melbourne Observer, Sept 2019


It is an absolute gift of a show that allows children to be immersed in song, dance, music and storytelling, whilst learning valuable lessons, cleverly expressed by three wonderful performers with such passion for children’s development!’

Verity Hunt-Ballard, (Australia's Mary Poppins)

Written By
Bridget a'Beckett
Composed By
Bridget a'Beckett, Julia Davis
Jessica Enes
Bridget a'Beckett, Sharni Page, Julia Davis
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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