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OHO Awakening (New Zealand)


1 Feb 2021 - 31 Mar 2022

Short Synopsis

OHO is a large scale outside moving tableau dance work performed in public spaces. 

OHO is performed by a large cast of combined professional and community dancers ( up to 500) filling a space creating the effect of one body or one morphus body. 

The performers move mostly in unison and canon structures and the work is presented live with projected light and live electronic and orchestral sound. 

The OHO concept brings together a series of ideas in my choreographic practise whereby large casts of performers move in syncopation to live orchestral sound acting as a moving sculpture presented in public spaces in the early evening. 

OHO awakens local narratives by the reference to local legends and or local iconic figures. 

Examples of public spaces could include spaces like The Aotea Square, The Christchurch Square or the Marae Atea space in front of a large wharenui. 


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