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Go Home Curry Muncha (Auckland, New Zealand)


31 Jan - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

GO HOME CURRY MUNCHA features angry asian women smashing coconuts, in a heated Masterchef style competition.

Come witness curried pots set on fire to demonic incantations. While they perform explosive ‘ethnic’ poetry, using uncensored female voices of colour. See them smoosh kiwi fruit on their faces. Share stupid embarrassing real life stories of racist dickheads. And feed banana curry sandwiches to the audience. All in the name of who cooks the best authentic cultural dish.

This show comments on the europeanisation of ethnic food, with the popular turmeric latte on the rise, now spices from asian cultures have been used in white settings, making them more palatable to the white audiences.

Combing poetry performances with a culinary show experience, to tantalise your taste buds of the cultural landscape of Auckland.

Who will cook the best authentic cuisine, well, we will leave that up to the judges. Come to our show if you dare. And who knows you might experience a hot mess of spices being thrown into the crowd.

Reviews Feature

Reclaimation is a dish best served spiced and to the yells of, "Go home fish 'n chip munchers"!

Written By
Aiwa Pooamorn, Gemishka Chetty
Directed By
Borni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho
Aiwa Pooamorn, Gemishka Chetty
Availability Status
Generally available

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