NTS | Production - Angel for Breakfast (+ Wallace and Ned)

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Angel for Breakfast (+ Wallace and Ned) (New Zealand)


1 Nov 2019 - 31 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

Angel for Breakfast

The devil dances alone, wringing what life there is out of his twisted heart he calls his broken angel to play.

Devil, Lover, Witch; It’s hard to know who is seducing who. And his angel plays on.


The Dust Palace delve into the territory of daemons, fling each other casually though the air, push their bodies to the limit and discover the boundlessness of love.


Isolation is hell. Come on in and find a partner. Or two. Or three.



Alongside Angel for Breakfast we offer the kids show to be performed during the day by the same cast:


Wallace and Ned
Lurking in the backblocks of the dark city two petty thieves are scoping their next big caper: committed to all kinds of minor misdemeanors, Wallace and Ned may be bumbling but they also love sausages with gherkin.

Hot on their trail is the dashing, the daring, the slightly dastardly (but don’t tell his Mother) detective Dirk Dunlop.
Will Wallace and Ned steal the Crown Jewels? Will they run out of gherkins? Will detective Dirk catch them? Or would that mess up his hair?

Circus theater company The Dust Palace bring you a madcap new show full to the brim with jewelry heists, darling antics and bungled burglaries.

Creators and circus artists Mike Edward and Eve Gordon join skills and physical forces to rip out and tie up a family friendly tale of silliness and good moral fiber!

Written By
The Dust Palace
Directed By
Mike Edward
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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