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In For Structure (Auckland, New Zealand)


3 May 2021 - 1 Jan 2022

Short Synopsis

This project sees Arts Laureate Ross McCormack commissioned to create a full length work on The New Zealand Dance Company with a working title of In For Structure for premiere in 2021. We are seeking co-commissioners and co-producers for this exciting artist's vision.

Ross is one of New Zealand’s leading next generation performance makers. His extensive career includes ten years performing with the acclaimed Belgian company Les Ballets C de la B. Throughout this time Ross maintained connections to New Zealand and Australia, choreographing and designing multiple works for companies in both countries and performing internationally with Chunky Move and Lucy Guerin.

Continuing forward and drawing links though recent works Matter and As it Stands, Ross has been developing the methodology of Body Controlled by Object Controlled by Space, resulting in a unique language of choreography and theatrical experience.

His aim with In For Structure  is to take this a step further in terms of the architecture on stage driving all the action. In Matter dancers negotiated fixed poles dividing the space and seemingly reaching for the sky forcing stage and ceiling apart. In As It Stands dancers seemed to meditate through a world by shifting, relocating and worshipping huge majestic monoliths in order to obtain control. Ross sees this new work taking this premise into a whole new domain whilst obtaining the core methodology.

The work will involve a cast of 8-10 dancers and Ross will work with his key collaborators Jason Wright (composer) and Natasha James (light). Development is planned to commence in 2019.



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