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Run Rabbit (Auckland, New Zealand)


2 Mar - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Run Rabbit (created by Victoria Abbott and Kate McGill, starring Victoria Abbott) is a devised, one-woman show that explores the confinement of women as a game. Run Rabbit prods and pokes at the paradox of being the constant gatekeeper of oneself and simultaneously seeking freedom. This work was born from Victoria’s discovery of her Scottish ancestor Black Agnes (1312-1369). Agnes is famous for holding out in a castle with unladylike flair against a 5 month siege by the British, while her husband was off fighting with Robert the Bruce.

Run Rabbit abandons the idea of a fourth wall and instead embraces a conscious deconstruction of a narrative time frame, grabbing what is to hand in a journey starting here and then spanning 680 years. The story becomes a playground of various metaphors, insults, threats, compliments and romantic references. Run Rabbit celebrates the ability to move freely in public spaces as a crucial necessity to solo autonomy and creative generation, and encourages its audience to engage in real life empathic sharing of spaces. Run Rabbit is a tease - but not one of derisive sexual connotations, though you might like to think that. Run Rabbit invites the darkness and the light into a space for an hour of play, and an hour of celebration of our strength and our fear. This is a battle cry while simultaneously a cry for help.


Reviews Feature

"It’s almost a lecture, but not quite. Victoria Abbott is too charming to lecture. She holds her audience accountable whilst simultaneously entertaining and devastating them. Run Rabbit is a sophisticated piece of theatre that conveys anger with understanding, it educates with patience, and ultimately, Run Rabbit burns with the need for change." - Theatrescenes, 2019

Written By
Victoria Abbott
Composed By
Te Aihe Butler and Phoebe Hurst
Directed By
Kate McGill
Designed By
Rachel Marlow
Victoria Abbott
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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