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Its time to get out there (New Zealand)


30 Sep 2020 - 31 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

I am currently researching large scale participatory and site-specific projects through the Creative NZ Choreographic Fellowship with Java Dance Theatre. I am researching the ideas below and I'm interested in working with festivals throughout the development process and in the full realisation of the ideas below

1- An outdoor participatory work with 100 volunteer performers who are all physically linked with live busker-style music 

2- A site-specific gestural, relational choreography in 2 houses and on the street between them with half the audience starting in each house and swapping.

3 - Outdoor choreography involving carrying people for long distances

I think now in 2019 everything is becoming more polarised and art needs to be louder, dirtier, bigger and more out in the thick of it. Art needs to play a role in connecting people and showing that humanity is amazing even though it is in pain. Arts needs to give people the opportunity to be a collective, to grieve, to be reminded that people do have power and influence. I think the kind of work that does this is site-specific and participatory. High quality art is not separate from life. 

Availability Status
Still in pre-production

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