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Māui (Auckland, New Zealand)


1 Feb 2020 - 1 Jun 2022

Short Synopsis

Māui is an urban Pacific dance theatre work by Fresh Movement Arts Trust.

Māui primarily uses dance / movement to breakdown the attributes that make up the legendary Pacific demi-God. The goal for this show is that audiences find the spirit Māui inside of them and highlight what makes the people of the Pacific unique and special. Fresh Movement retells some of the famous stories of Māui including his birth, pulling up the Pacific Islands, beating the sun into submission, leading the pacific people as they navigate the mighty Pacific ocean and his untimely death.

Māui is a show for the whole family and leaves audiences full of life and motivation. As well as dance / movement, Māui utilizes live music, waiata (traditional Māori music), Pacific rituals, spoken word and animation to move the story forward and to bring life to the various adventures of Māui.

Reviews Feature
Not only were the dancers talented, energetic and graceful, but they brought an exuberance and joy to their performances that was palpable and refreshing. This is a wonderful production that merges the old and the new, offering a dance experience that contains rhythm, narrative, joy and humour. - RAND T. HAZOU
I believe there is much-needed space for productions and companies such as this one. Hadleigh is the Director of Freshmans Dance Crew and Maui, and by using both professionals, students, and crew dancers, he has created a community, bridging the gap between the elite professionals and community dance. I look forward to seeing how this company grows and excels on and beyond this platform. - 
Written By
Hadleigh Pouesi
Composed By
Tony O'Rourke & Gibson Harris
Directed By
Hadleigh Pouesi
Hadleigh Pouesi and Chris Ofanoa
Mita Aporo, Christopher Ofanoa, Hadleigh Pouesi, Angelo Harema, Morgan Johnson, Leilani Elliott, Jay Richmond, Zhan Teiho, Pera Maui Jackson, Kimberley Evans, Emma Huch, Aimee Edwards, Mellissa Sripromma, Desney Fritz, Trinity Faámatau, Neitjah Yasa, Luther Manu, Yrjo Galvez, Pati Leiataua, Liga Mo, Liva Mo, Xavier Ah Chong, Zy Viliua, Rathey Lataimoega, Tony Setu, Matthew Nimo, Mara Saipele, Lucky Fomai, Tony O'Rourke, Gibson Harris, Neli Alo. Māui can be performed with a minimum of eight dancers. Māui can tour with a minimum touring party of ten people
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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