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Two Hearts: World Tour (New Zealand)


1 Oct 2019 - 1 Aug 2021

Short Synopsis

NZ's most bombastic musical comedy duo bring you a greatest hits arena pop concert featuring their most fist-pumping anthems and their most world-changing sex jams.

Starring Laura Daniel (Funny Girls, Jono & Ben, 7 Days, Dancing With The Stars) and Joseph Moore (all of those shows except Dancing With The Stars), Two Hearts: World Tour continues Two Hearts' record-breaking streak as they aim to be the first pop-music comedy duo to perform a "Greatest Hits" show less than 3 years into their musical career. 

Made up of the best hits from their four shows, 'Two Hearts: World Tour' brings together the best gags, the best dancers, and the biggest bops for a spectacular night of comedy. 

Reviews Feature

★★★★★ “Don't miss this five star hour of explosive joy.” – DivaMag, UK

★★★★★ “This generations Flight of The Conchords, but with bite.” – NZ Entertainment Podcast

★★★★★ “The most energetic, joyous event at the fest. ”– Keeping Up With NZ

★★★★ “Go. Laugh til the tears run down your face. ”– Musical Theatre Review, UK

★★★★ “Expectantly hilarious, and gloriously catchy” – NZ Herald 

★★★★ "An on-stage dynamic that proves utterly irresistible. This is an absolute delight." - CultureFix, UK

★★★★ "Two Hearts may be heading back to New Zealand soon, but their music lives on." - Broadway Baby, UK

“Creative, explosive joy.” – The Scotsman, UK

"This is without a doubt, the show of the festival" – The Spinoff

Written By
Joseph Moore and Laura Daniel
Designed By
Christopher Stratton
Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore
Availability Status
Generally available


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