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Sorry For Your Loss (Waikato, New Zealand)


1 Feb - 1 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Like all other relevant life events, it all started with a Facebook message. 

“Hi Cian, I’m really sorry for the random message. My name is Awhina.

I’m searching (on behalf of my uncle) for a girl named Cian from Hamilton, he’s not sure of the last name. He told me that he has been looking for her.”

Turns out I was the girl she was looking for.

My father was struggling to find me...because he had forgotten my last name. 

It’s not even a difficult one aye. Well, I guess if you’re gone for long enough, your daughter’s name could escape you. Funny that...

Sorry For Your Loss is a fresh new take on the everlasting journey of figuring out who you are...This one-woman show was written and is performed by exciting up-and-coming artist, Cian Gardner. It is her story of growing up, and explores the effects of having a sometimes-there-mostly-not Dad. A raw and real performance, Sorry For Your Loss sees Gardner opens up to audiences and expose something she never thought she needed to revisit. 

Cian occupies the stage as multiple characters, her mother, her father, herself in the past and present. In this story about the strength of a woman; and the gift of strength from one woman to another. 

Director Laura Haughey brings her unique physical approach to the storytelling in this original, devised piece of work.

Written By
Cian Gardner
Composed By
Andrew Duggan & Jeremy Mayall
Directed By
Laura Haughey
Cian Gardner
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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