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Rail Land (Whanganui, New Zealand)


2 Mar 2020 - 1 Mar 2021

Short Synopsis

Rail Land is a journey of the mind, through story and song, about our on-and-off again love affair with passenger rail and public transport. 

Equal parts tragedy, comedy, and personal memoir, the show intersects Tonnon’s songs with synthesizer soundscapes, personal narratives, historical letters to the editor, and notes on how to take Aotearoa's surviving public rail journeys. 

The show travels with an exhibition of historic NZ Rail advertising department posters and schematic maps, reproduced at large scale.  

Rail Land is more than a show, it's a journey for the audience. On the first run of shows, the audience took trains from their central station to reach historic venues along rail lines. New Rail Land shows can be combined with chartered experiences  with a city or town's public transport, or recreate lost journeys for the night of the show. Rail Land can also be a stand-alone show.

Written By
Anthonie Tonnon
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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