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This Wide Night by Chloë Moss (VIC, Australia)


16 Oct 2019 - 23 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Marie, twenty-something, and Lorraine, early fifties, shared a cell. Now Marie is in her own bedsit, coping with life on the outside - just about. That is until Lorraine shows up. On the inside, the two women used to share everything; but the friendship that once protected them now threatens to smother the fragile freedom they have found. A confronting, beautiful, desperately real and often hilarious portrait of two remarkable women dealing with life outside the criminal justice system, with each other and a world that doesn't want to know about them.  





Reviews Feature

"...we witness one painful confession, one excoriating reveal after another.  We care and then we withdraw; we’re moved, then shocked.  With them we hope that there’s something better somewhere, somehow."

Michael Brindley - Stage Whispers

Written By
Chloë Moss
Directed By
Elias Jamieson Brown
Claire Sara and Sancia Robinson
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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