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Saying the wrong things (VIC, Australia)


13 Aug 2019 - 31 Aug 2022

Short Synopsis

What if society expects you to be someone you’re not? Koraly spent most of her life doing just what every good ethnic girl is supposed to do. And now she is starting to speak out - but it’s all coming out wrong. Saying The Wrong Things is a one-woman poetic play about a woman’s struggle to find and accept her voice in a patriarchal world. It is a story of love, sex, divorce, family, culture and the pressure to conform in the face of one’s true self. 

Reviews Feature

“She is merciless…astounding…powerful acting…a play of pure emotion and passion, a determined endeavour to enlighten every woman to strive for self-love, self-acceptance, to not tolerate being silenced and to stand up against any form of female subjugation, very charismatic theatre, I enjoyed it immensely.”
– Stage Whispers 

Written By
Koraly Dimitriadis
Composed By
Christian Bianco
Directed By
Olga Aristodemou
Designed By
Koraly Dimitriadis / Olga Aristodemou
Koraly Dimitriadis
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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