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Paper, Scissors ...Rock! (Qld, Australia)


31 May 2019 - 21 Feb 2021

Short Synopsis

You close your eyes   ….is it a saxophone, a clarinet, a flute, an oboe?   

   …..you open them and “WHOA!”  …what you see are instruments made from paper, cellotape, a drinking straw, a rubber glove and some garden hose ........and the sound? .........they sound amazing!

 Linsey makes music by live-looping self invented instruments such as a paper clarinet, a drinking straw oboe, a Cylisax, a rubber glove bagpipe and  “Mr Curly” (a contra-bass clarinet made from hose sounding like a 70’s synth). Using these instruments he creates layers of music which will have audiences either spellbound or bopping in their seats.

Reviews Feature

"Linsey Pollak is one of Australia's most brilliant and under-rated composer/musicians. He is wildly innovative in the use of instruments but never lets his experimentation get in the way of the musicality of a work."     ……The Courier Mail, Brisbane

“Pollak’s creativity shines…combining comedy and music making.” .......Hong Kong Standard

"His show is warmly funny, entertaining, educational and inspirational".  ........Otago Daily Times,

Written By
Linsey Pollak
Composed By
Linsey Pollak
Linsey Pollak
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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