NTS | Production - Impersonal Space by Emily Steel and Company AT

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Impersonal Space by Emily Steel and Company AT (SA, Australia)

Tour Coordinators

5 Apr - 1 Jun 2019

Short Synopsis

A unique, full-hearted and funny look at how autistic people see and experience the world

“Nameless” is a nine-year-old girl who loves nothing more than her family, star-gazing, and hot chips. But Nameless isn’t like the other children at school: hyper intelligent, she excels at maths and reads books at a teenage level. Sometimes she does strange things like shout when people touch her or scream when class gets too loud, and the bullies call her “dopey” and “weird”. She feels isolated, sad and confused, until a medical diagnosis reveals the truth – Nameless has autism.

Taking comfort in the stories of her scientific heroes and imaginary friends Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton, geniuses many now believe were on the spectrum themselves, Nameless sets out on a journey of the imagination to find strength and confidence in her differences and happiness in herself.

This is the story of how a family comes to terms with difference and how a young girl comes to terms with herself.

Impersonal Space is an original production by Company AT, one of the world’s first performing arts ensembles where all members are on the autism spectrum.

Reviews Feature

“[A] hugely entertaining, thought provoking and richly rewarding theatrical experience

David O’Brien, The Barefoot Review


Written By
Emily Steel
Directed By
Julian Jaensch
Designed By
Meg Wilson
Kaila Pole
Availability Status
Generally available


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