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Dr Hubble's Bubbles (NSW, Australia)


15 Mar 2019 - 31 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Dr Hubble’s Bubble’s is the perfect performance for younger audiences. It’s a fun and funny show full of wow moments and wonder that has children enthralled from start to finish. Dr Hubble’s Bubbles is not narrative driven, it’s an exploration into the wonderful world of bubbles and the amazing things they can do.

The show is full of genuine enthusiasm, Dr Hubble really does love bubbles. Using bubbles as his medium Dr Hubble gently explores the themes of recycling and waste minimisation, kindness and cooperation.

Dr Hubble is played by circus and sideshow legend Shep Huntly. Shep has 28 years’ experience on the stage and has performed in theatres and at festivals in 30 different countries around the world


"The show was  laugh out loud funny and amazingly inventive "     Weekend Notes

"By the shows end one had the distinct impression that  he could have whipped out a pipe and led all our children away to some bubble filled nirvana. And because he seems like such an earnestly sweet chap, we'd probably let him. Go see it"

The West Australian


Reviews Feature

“The children loved this performance. It was something different from our usual performances. It was truly wonderful.

Highly Recomended 10 out of 10″

Seeds Early Learning Center, Ballina


“The children loved this performance from start to finish. We would love to have Dr Hubble back at our centre.

Highly recommended 10 out of 10.”

 Precious Moments Child Care, Canberra

Written By
Shep Huntly Shepard
Directed By
Shep Huntly Shepard
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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