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Queenie van de Zandt in BLUE: The Songs Of Joni Mitchel (NSW, Australia)


1 Jan 2019 - 1 Jan 2022

Short Synopsis

Writers: Queenie van de Zandt & Max Lambert

Musical Director: Max Lambert

In BLUE, Queenie, renowned for her artful storytelling and raw, emotive vocals, explores the songs, stories and art of the musical legend that is Joni Mitchell.

Renaissance woman, painter and poet, Mitchell created a soundtrack for the Woodstock generation.

"Joni is my favourite singer/songwriter and I've been wanting to do a show about her and her music for some time," said Queenie. "She gave a daughter up for adoption early in her career and her music was so influenced by this experience. Having given birth to a daughter myself in 2017, it felt like a perfect time to explore this mother and daughter relationship and the effect that becoming a parent has on your creativity."

In BLUE: The Songs of Joni Mitchell, Queenie, along with award-winning musical director Max Lambert and a live band, explores her love of all things Joni – affectionately reinterpreting Joni Mitchell's melancholy music, and intimately revealing the stories behind some of her most haunting songs such as A Case of You, Both Sides Now and Little Green.

Following rave reviews, and sell-out performances in 2017 at the Queensland and Melbourne Cabaret Festivals and the Hayes Theatre in Sydney, BLUE: The Songs of Joni Mitchell, has continued its success touring Australia and the US in 2018 with more dates set for 2019 and beyond. Along the way it has won 3 prestigious theatre awards, as well as being nominated for the Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret Performer and the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Cabaret Production. 

BLUE: THE Songs of Joni Mitchell, is a beguiling night of melancholic songs, poetic storytelling and haunting vocals in a perfect intimate setting.

Reviews Feature

“…the exceptional, vocal powerhouse that is Queenie van de Zandt…uses her thrilling voice and soaring range to explore the music of Joni Mitchell…”

Kate Herbert, Herald Sun

“Queenie van de Zandt…summoned her muse to perfection, with awe-inspiring soul and emotion, in song.”

Cameron Woodhead, Sydney Morning Herald


“a stunning evocative show…a highlight of the Queensland Cabaret Festival”  



“The audience was enraptured and shouting for more… This is a wonderful celebration of Joni Mitchell and the emotional connections we form with music that is borne out of emotion. It deserves to be a huge success. ★★★★☆”  



…perfect for ardent fans of Joni and for the novice”  

The Creative Issue


“Queenie van de Zandt performed as exquisite a biography as you’re likely to hear. Near aural perfection… It’s a well-written show… Queenie distilled Joni Mitchell’s life, liaisons, and art, into a tincture of love and grace…extraordinary and emotional… Queenie does a magnificent job”

Australian Arts Review


★★★★☆ A beguiling night of melancholic songs, poetic storytelling and haunting vocals…perfect intimate setting…incredible empathy and emotion…all beautifully sung with a lovely subtle restraint. Best of all are deeply felt, exquisitely performed renditions of Case of You and Both Sides Now….Lambert provides wonderfully sensitive accompaniment on the piano… In another stand­out moment van de Zandt sings For Free acapella. Van de Zandt and Lambert have crafted a gently melancholic, poetic show that can speak to anyone regardless of whether you know the material, but fans of Mitchell’s music will find it particularly appealing.”

Jo Litson, Limelight Magazine


Written By
Writers: Queenie van de Zandt & Max Lambert
Queenie van de Zandt
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Available at short notice


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