NTS | Production - Parting The Red Curtain - Starring Jan van de Stool

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Parting The Red Curtain - Starring Jan van de Stool (VIC, Australia)


1 Jan 2019 - 3 Dec 2022

Short Synopsis

Parting the Red Curtains

Join Dutch/Australian Musical Therapist, Jan van de Stool, and her extensive ego, as she reflects on her life in the 'business of show'. From humble beginnings in Schiermonnikoog (an unpronounceable village in Holland), to having been seen by over one million people online, on TV and in theatres, Jan still keeps it real by presenting her self-help workshops at her local Scout Hall in Woy Woy, where she has helped, literally, tens of people.

But never one to rest on her laurels, Jan has recently added 'psychic medium' to her long list of faux credentials. Humbly explaining, that in psychic circles, she is known as a 'medium rare', things go horribly wrong when she mistakenly channels one of her own disgruntled (and dead) ex-students, who, once unleashed, is determined to get her money's worth of the workshop Jan refused to refund.

Jan's perfect looking life on 'Spacebook' and 'MyFace' begins to unravel, (along with her grip on the English language), as the real story of Jan van de Stool unfolds.

Reviews Feature

"The show’s real strengths lie in van de Stool’s apparently spontaneous remarks, essentially extended stand-up comedy enhanced by occasional audience victimisation" - Stage Whispers


"Jan van de Stool’s innocent descent into linguistic mayhem makes a great night’s entertainment, leaving you with a bellyful of laughs.  I recommend seeing it if you get the chance."  - Stage Whispers


"Jan is a beautifully observed comic creation who feels on par with Kath and Kim or Norman Gunston" - Timeout 



Written By
Written by Queenie van de Zandt and Peter J Casey
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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