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Delaney Davidson - Ship Of Dreams (New Zealand)


16 Oct 2019 - 16 Jul 2020

Short Synopsis

Delaney Davidson brings his latest Magic Lightbox installation, Ship of Dreams, along with his carnival barker’s voice, avant-garde sensibilities and genius vision.

Using his unique and compelling live music as the soundtrack to his own short films, woven in the style of David Lynch, Bella Tar and Murnau, Delaney transports us into a flickering realm of Grimms fairy tales, Expressionist cinema, Brechtian epic theatre, forgotten values and lost stories.

Set in Bavaria, Serbia, Romania, the Black Forest, and the swamps of England, Davidson re-envisions the fables that define our morality, blending past and future into a time outside the modern age in this fabulous zigzag quest for the stories of our day.

Delaney has set up his show with an incredible cast, including members of Hamburg’s esteemed Thalia Theatre, radical photographer Miron Zownir, underground legend Reverend Beatman, long-time film collaborator Chris Martin and emerging playwright and actor Hester Ullyart.

An extraordinary, out-of-this-world opportunity, you will kick yourself if you miss it.

Reviews Feature


"..no matter which style he indulges, from haunting folk to grungy rock or classic pop, Davidson is never far from a catchy hook or memorable melody." - Herald Sun

His guitar, even as it cranks out familiar dustbowl blues figures, sounds like a chugging pump or a clanking pipe or a creaking swing. Davidson plays with a sense of the instrument as pure sound generator. Most impressively he knows how to play the negative space around the notes, so to speak, to stretch the whole as soundtrack which is why this experiment in film and song, for the most part, transfixed the packed Spiegeltent. - The Hook reviews his Hawkes Bay Arts Fest show 

Well THAT was epic! Delaney Davidson blew my hair straight back. Just working out if I can make it to anymore of his shows in this tour. Best show I've seen, well, ever. A happy punter! - Featherston, Magic Lightbox Tour

Like it was recorded in some revival tent in full flow - The Beat (UK)

A haunting power – NZ Listener

Written By
Delaney Davidson
Composed By
Delaney Davidson
Designed By
Delaney Davidson
Delaney Davidson
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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