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Junkyard Beat - THE BOX SHOW (NSW, Australia)


15 Nov 2018 - 31 Dec 2022

Short Synopsis

The Box Show, designed to excite the imagination of children and adults alike. We follow 4 characters during their daily activities in a world made of cardboard boxes and junk. These daily activities result in a rhythmical journey revealing hilarious circumstances as we fall in love with each and every one of them. With a language of gibberish and rhythm, this show is accessible to any age and nationality. You won’t look at a cardboard box the same way after watching this show!

The contents of an abandoned kitchen become the greatest drum set in the world. Pipes from a plumber’s van produces eerie melodies, Plastic bags are an amazing musical instrument and wheelie bins suddenly get a whole new meaning...
Tag along for a day in the life of a bunch of musical misfits as they reinvigorate the junk that the world has forgotten.

Reviews Feature

"Junkyard Beats took the floor with a high energy performance. their attention grabbing routine paved the way for the night"

Spice News.

Written By
Oded Prior & Nigel Turner-Carroll
Directed By
Nigel Turner-Carroll
Oded Prior, Marina Da-Silva, Leslie Marsh and Braeden Lee
Availability Status
Generally available


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