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Tomfoolery - The Words and Music of Tom Lehrer (Victoria, Australia)


1 Jan 2019 - 1 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

TOM LEHRER!  Satire!  Songs!  Piano!  TOM LEHRER!  Genius mathematician, tickling ivories and tickling funny bones since, well, never mind...

TOM LEHRER!  'Ghoul Singer!' Adelaide Advertiser, 26th March, 1960.

Shake, rattle and roll your funny bones along to see Susan,  Michael, Sean and Peter sing over 20 hilarious, ghoulish Lehrer songs including POISONING PIGEONS IN THE PARK, THE MASOCHISM TANGO and THE VATICAN RAG in brainy, laugh like drainy, caberet-ny "TOMFOOLERY"!

Reviews Feature

"If there is going to be a revival of Tomfoolery, this is the cast you want to see!"
Simon Parris: Man in Chair (14/9/2018)

"Borg has directed a tight show where the pace never flags"
Julie Houghton: Classic Melbourne (14/9/2018)

"At the end the audience was left wanting more"
Graham Ford: Stage Whispers (14/9/2018)

"Providing an evening of joyous satire and plenty of irreverence"
Rohan Shearn: Arts Review (18/9/2018)

Written By
Tom Lehrer, Adapted by Cameron Mackintosh and Robin Ray
Composed By
Tom Lehrer with Musical Arrangements by Chris Walker and Robert Fisher
Directed By
Theresa Borg
Theresa Borg
Designed By
Theresa Borg
Susan-ann Walker, Michael Dalton, Sean Weatherly and Peter Hurley
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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