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Tom Rodwell & Storehouse - "Housewrecking" album tour (Auckland, New Zealand)


1 Sep 2019 - 30 Sep 2021

Short Synopsis

Unashamedly enjoyable in the way no modern guitar music has the right to be, Tom Rodwell's live shows are the kind of hopped-up weirdness that cult rock & roll has always trafficked in. His new album "Housewrecking" is an assured performance located at the intersection of surrealism, boogie and wit - an unlikely tour-de-force of rhythmic and writerly sensibility.

Critically acclaimed for his alternative blues work - both solo and as the band Storehouse - Rodwell has been subverting and energising dusty genres since 2003, with 1500 shows internationally over 15 years, as support act for everyone from Leon Russell to Trinity Roots and a growing reputation as a producer and session-man for the likes of Don McGlashan and Colleen Davis (Pecos Bill, Old Haunts).  In 2019 he's releasing his first record of entirely original material, and will be drawing on that record - plus a healthy dose of on-the-spot improvisation - for this concert.

Reviews Feature

"Rodwell manages to eschew the cliches that beset blues music. By turns wild, angry, hypnotic and sensual, it's as uncompromising as it is funky and some of the best live music I've seen." Blues in London.

Written By
Tom Rodwell
Composed By
Tom Rodwell
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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