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Tinana (New Zealand)


1 Sep 2019 - 1 Jun 2020

Short Synopsis

Tinana questions the expectations choreographer and dancer Jared Hemopo has on himself as a Māori man in 2018.

Tinana will look at how toxic masculinity has stripped Jared of his vulnerability, only to be replaced with staunchness and a shell of labels he carries, and is judged by. The pressure to be ‘the man’ led Jared to give into the provider label, taking on a ‘real job’ as an apprentice builder. This is where he experienced workplace bullying such as casual slaps to the head that were reinforced with words like ‘get it in your f%#kn brain’. 

Jared’s masculine energy is countered by the feminine which he holds in himself when he dances. When Jared doesn’t dance he struggles to find balance, this takes him down a path of loneliness and depression.

Tinana will promote self-worth, not self-harm. Through a combination of live performance and traditional Māori arts like raranga (weaving) the work will start conversations around what happens when relationships are fractured; and how can the community come together to catch those who are falling.


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