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Lobsters (Wellington, New Zealand)


16 Oct 2018 - 29 Mar 2024

Short Synopsis

Inspired by the works of the great surrealist painters, Lobsters is a story about love itself, and the way we must peel away our shells to find our authentic selves.

Lobsters fuses invigorating contemporary dance with the eccentric and humorous story of a lobster who was once Salvador Dali's muse. She tells of her rise and fall, from celebrity artistic icon to washed-up cabaret singer, and observes with irony two young lovers (inspired by the famous painting by René Magritte) who struggle to connect their idealized image of love with reality.

Choreographer Lucy Marinkovich, recently returning from practising in Germany, Spain, France, Croatia and Singapore, combines talents with Athens-Wellington-NYC based theatre maker Miranda Manasiadis, to bring you the athletic and visually compelling Lobsters.

"...bawdy, sensual, glamorous, dirty, beautiful, and melancholic cabaret of ruminations on love, sex, and longing." THEATREVIEW

"...intense, physical, compelling..." DEIRDRE TARRANT

Wellington Theatre Awards 2017 - Best Ensemble Performance - EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER
Lucien Johnson - Wellington Theatre Awards 2017 - WINNER - BEST SOUND DESIGNER
Wellington Theatre Awards 2017 - Carmel McGlone - CAMPION AWARD FOR MOST OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE

Reviews Feature

 “It is a kind of rite of spring for lovers”



“[Borderline] dance with electrifying energy and precision, providing amazing images of seduction, love, longing, loneliness and much more that compliments McGlone’s often very funny life as a lobster. Johnson on piano and saxophone, add[s] a jazz-type cabaret atmosphere to the whole production that only enhances this must-see show.”

The Dominion Post


[A] bawdy, sensual, glamorous, dirty, beautiful, and melancholic cabaret of ruminations on love, sex, and longing.”




“An incredibly innovative and original piece of performance art”.

The Dominion Post


“It is a beautifully crafted performance, full of moving and heartbreaking insights into the matters of the surreal world of love.”



“It’s high dance classicism in disguise, with a drizzle of cabaret jus and very naughty it is too.”

Michelle Potter


“[Let’s] revel in the beautiful wizardry of the artists working here – weaving music, image, light, and movement together to reveal surreal truths about how we live and love – to make meaningless, strange, surreal images that we can all understand.”



“This is a brilliant exploration of the surreal, and should resonate widely with art appreciators as well as dance followers.”

Michelle Potter


“The show that [will] intrigue, surprise, amuse, delight, entertain, titillate, wow and console by turns… and generally make you want to go back for a second viewing.”

Michelle Potter

Composed By
Lucien Johnson
Directed By
Lucy Marinkovich and Miranda Manasiadis
Lucy Marinkovich
Designed By
Lucy Marinkovich
Carmel McGlone, Lucien Johnson, Lucy Marinkovich, Emmanuel Reynaud, Matthew Moore
Availability Status
Generally available


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