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The Basement Tapes (New Zealand)


1 Jan 2019 - 24 Jun 2025

Short Synopsis

Fringe First, Week One (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018)
Outstanding Performance - Stella Reid (NZ Fringe Festival 2017)
Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award (NZ Fringe Festival 2017)
Best Director (Wellington Theatre Awards, 2017)

Following her grandmother’s death, a girl faces the overwhelming task of clearing out the basement. She discovers a series of mysterious tape recordings made by her grandmother. As she hears these tapes for the first time, things start to unravel...

Twin Peaks meets Serial in this award-winning New Zealand mystery, which combines the immediacy of physical performance with the imaginative capabilities of audio recording. Squeezed close together among the detritus of a cluttered basement, audience and performer face the waves of secrets and memories that emerge.

Reviews Feature
“Impressive one-hander that unearths a family secret that blurs the lines between reality, memory and much more...you’ll be grateful if you’re sat with your back against the wall. ★★★★”
— The Skinny
“Unnerving from the earliest moments, the piece never goes where you expect and this quality of a constantly shifting narrative combined with a quiet humour is what makes the piece so riveting. ★★★★”
— The Reviews Hub
Written By
Stella Reid, Jane Yonge, Thomas Lambert, Oliver Morse
Composed By
Thomas Lambert
Directed By
Jane Yonge
Designed By
Oliver Morse
Stella Reid
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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