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The Zarek & Albi Show (Auckland, New Zealand)


1 Feb 2019 - 31 Mar 2021

Short Synopsis


Zarek Silberschmidt & Albi (Chris Dent, of Tui Award-winning Albi & The Wolves fame) combine elements of musical virtuosity, energetic intensity and theatrical performance, topped with a heavy dose of notoriously dry, humourous Kiwi storytelling style. From their bonkers aesthetics to their unique sound, the two forever friends deliver a hilarious and heartwarming cabaret-style show that is GUARANTEED to entertain.

Each performer, in their own right, is a complete one man show. But when they come together something truly... erm... wondrous happens... Exactly what you'd expect from a pair of eccentric musos mucking around like not one but TWO sheep in wolves' clothing, setting off explosions of good ol' fashioned nonsense and fun, all done through a spectacular soundtrack and sensational storytelling.

Zarek, a virtuosic fingerstyle acoustic guitarist leads the instrumentation (or tries to anyway). This is layered with Albi’s silky vocals and songwriting expertise, honed over years of self-imposed monastic introspection in the Kingsland pubs. The pair's infectious energy, musical beastness and sheepish charisma speak to their dedication to the greatly underrated artform that is music comedy, underscored with a cheeky competitiveness and uncomfortable closeness that comes through a friendship that's lasted just a bit too long. It’s not only the technical prowess, showmanship and theatrical creativity that makes Zarek & Albi’s performances stand out. It's actually pure unbridled one-upmanship – or rather, one-upmansheep.

Having done a world tour of sorts in 2017 & 2018, Zarek & Albi are now looking at bigger, better tours everywhere there are sheep, or wolves, to showcase their new music arrangements and brave original material, and where better to start than the great Sheep-Motherland – Aotearoa – in 2019.

Written By
Zarek Silberschmidt & Chris Dent (aka Albi)
Composed By
Zarek Silberschmidt & Chris Dent (aka Albi)
Zarek & Albi
Availability Status
Generally available


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