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Welcome to the Murder House (Auckland, New Zealand)


15 Sep 2018 - 20 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

A gang of death row convicts are set free for one wild night to tell the tragic story of their great hero: the man who invented the electric chair. 

Reviews Feature


"Indian Ink has done it again. Welcome to the Murder House is dark, deadly, a little bit sexy ... an amazingly well-constructed piece of theatre. It’s an absolute killer."                                                          (Wellingtonista, May 2018)


"Multi-layered, profound yet fluid and highly engaging, Welcome to the Murder House is a worthy addition to the impressive Indian Ink lexicon."                                                              (Theatreview, May 2018)


Written By
Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis
Composed By
David Ward
Directed By
Justin Lewis
Taiaroa Royal
Designed By
John Verryt (set and props), Elizabeth Whiting (costumes), Jane Hakaraia (lighting)
Patrick Carroll, Matthew Chamberlain, Jacque Drew, Jacob Rajan, Quentin Warren with musicians David Ward, Eamon Edmundson-Wells, Sean Martin-Buss
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