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A Boy Called Piano (Wellington, New Zealand)


1 Jul 2019 - 1 Jul 2020

Short Synopsis

Building on the successful collaboration of the creative team of the The White Guitar  The Conch returns to work with Fa’amoana Luafutu on the development of a new work  A Boy Called Piano.  A Boy called broke  takes a step further on the journey of The White Guitar into the early sixties and Fa’amoana’s experiences in state care. At a time when the human rights commission is petitioning the government for an enquiry into the terrible abuse of children in state care Fa’amoana has chosen to speak out through a historic new play. Building on The Conch’s kaupapa of harnessing the power of theatre as a force for social change A Boy Called Piano takes us directly into the experience of thousands of Maori and Pacific children placed in state care in the 1960’s. This is not a story of private shame but one which impacts on us all since the many thousands who suffered with him have profoundly affected the course of New Zealand history. Many like Fa’amoana that have been demonised in the mainstream began life as innocent children, brutalised within a system that was supposed to be protecting and ‘correcting’ them. Following the story of three boys, one Samoan and two Maori from their first meeting at the children's court through their induction and survival at the Owairaka Boys Home it is a story which is terrifying, intensely moving and inspiring to action. Told through the raw power of physical story telling, live music at the Piana from the breathtaking talent of Mark Vanilau and The Conch's unique brand of visual magic.

Written By
Fa'amoana Luafutu and Tom McCrory
Composed By
Mark Vanilau
Directed By
Nina Nawalowalo and Tom McCrory
Matthias Luafutu, Aaron MacGregor, Tainui Tukiwaho
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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