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This Fragile Planet (Auckland, New Zealand)


9 Mar 2020 - 1 Jan 2022

Short Synopsis

Inspired by the delicacy of our ecosystems, our effect on mother earth, and the beauty of art and nature intertwining, This Fragile Planet explores the strength of intergenerational democracy and the power of regeneration across the natural world.

In this dance theatre created by a collaboration between The New Zealand Dance Company (Artistic Director Shona McCullagh) and The Conch (Directors Nina Nawalowalo and Tom McCrory) with choreography by Ross McCormack, a cast of Aotearoa’s finest dancers, actors and singers embody the cycles of life on this earth through a profound montage of shared humanity and its endless ability to persevere through trial and tribulation.

Audiences are guided into this perpetual journey rooted in imagination, wonder, and love, and walk back into the present day with a renewed spirit of empowerment and connection, knowing that we are our ancestors’ wildest dreams.

Reviews Feature

“The staggering beauty of comedy, nature, art and culture is expressed through a mosaic of contemporary and traditional movement”  - Theatreview


“This Fragile Planet is a beautiful dance theatre work that combines storytelling, dance and poetry to explore the complex relationship between humanity and our natural environment.”Theatre Scenes


“Storytelling, dance and poetry are mixed to create meaningful expressions of imagery.” - Theatre Scenes

Composed By
Sound Designer/Composer John Gibson
Directed By
The Conch Artistic Director Nina Nawalowalo and Co-Director Tom McCrory
Ross McCormack
Designed By
Rona Ngahuia Osborne
Availability Status
Remount required

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