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Orientation (Auckland, New Zealand)


10 Oct 2018 - 26 Dec 2020

Short Synopsis

Orientation is a sexy, smart and challenging new theatre show by Kiwi-Chinese writer Chye-Ling Huang that explodes our perceptions of Asian people as lovers in Aotearoa. An ensemble of 5 Asian actors tell the story of one woman's sex-ploration of race, sex and love and mixed race Chinese-Kiwi.  


What do Jackie Chan, Steven Yuen, and Raybon Kan have in common? 

They’re all on Mei’s list of eligible men to tap, gap, or tie down. No Asian man is left un-turned in Mei’s quest to root herself back to her roots.

When a shock event leaves her questioning everything about love, Chinese-Pakeha Mei dives ferociously back into the dating game. An ensemble of the sexiest storytellers from the Asian diaspora play out your wildest dreams and cringiest tropes as Mei learns that love is simple but race is not.

Reviews Feature


"It is adventurous and wild, moving in and out of her imagination and the truth-telling realism of post-coital conversation. It bangs its way through, taking us to the edge of discomfort, and often all the way over as we enter into a space of deep personal interrogation...Orientation is a hugely significant work: sexy, smart, and not putting up with your shit."- Theatrescenes

"...a coming-of-age for Asian theatre. Bluntly sexy, chock-full of contemporary name-drops and pop-culture references, it's both a bold assertion of Asian women as sex sirens and a renunciation. It's a raw, uncomfortable and ultimately moving work showcasing talents who deserve more time on our stages."  - NZ Herald

Written By
Chye-Ling Huang
Composed By
Directed By
Chye-Ling Huang
Cindy Jang
Designed By
Micheal McCabe (production design), Ruby Reihana-Wilson (lighting), Emi Pogoni (sound/music direction)
Natasha Daniel, Eugene Yao, Marwin Silerio, Kyle Chuen, Mayen Mehta
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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