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The Clearing (Working Title) (Wellington, New Zealand)


24 Jun - 31 Dec 2019

Short Synopsis

The Clearing is inspired by the energy and impact of natural clearings - the carved out spaces where people go for ritual, meaning or to commune, party and test themselves. 

The Clearing will feature a sparse, uneven physical terrain, punctuated by sculptural sound-making devices that disrupt the space and augment the environmental sound design. Footnote New Zealand Dance is New Zealand's longest running contemporary dance company. Muscle Mouth is known for presenting compelling dance works that push the boundaries of movement and design.

The Clearing will be produced by Footnote New Zealand Dance in association with Muscle Mouth.

Composed By
Jason Wright
Ross McCormack
Designed By
Natasha James
Footnote New Zealand Dance's five company members: Georgia Beechey-Gradwell, Tyler Carney, Joshua Faleatua, Anu Khapung, Adam Naughton
Availability Status
Still in pre-production

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