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Once There Was A Woman (New Zealand)


5 Nov 2018 - 31 Dec 2022

Short Synopsis

Once There Was a Woman is an evocative telling by a traveller on an epic journey to find her lost mother. Memories are traded for access to destinations, imagination is the fuel and a true telling is the final exit point from grief. Bittersweet, punctuated with humour, Once There Was A Woman uses physical theatre to reveal how extraordinary the ordinary is – it is a tale of kindness and letting go.

Reviews Feature



A tender and eloquent work that has been meticulously crafted, Once There Was A Woman, has much to offer its audiences.  NZ Herald: March 2, 2017, Reviewed by Dione Joseph

Kayes is a charismatic performer...melding her adeptness with physical theatre with the poetry of her script. It’s a gentle, sensitive performance...filled with the wonder and ambiguity of Kayes’ work. 

Theatre Scenes Blog: March 1, 2017, Reviewed by Andrew Parker.

Written By
Beth Kayes
Composed By
Hope Csutoros
Directed By
Consultant Director- Ruth Dudding
Beth Kayes
Availability Status
Available at short notice

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