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Double Goer (Auckland, New Zealand)


1 Feb 2020 - 31 Dec 2022

Short Synopsis

Double Goer’, the literal translation of "Doppelgänger", is a vibrant, kooky and surreal theatrical dance piece directed by "one of New Zealand's brightest choreographers", Sarah Foster-Sproull (Royal NZ Ballet, Footnote NZ Dance, Guangdong Modern Dance Co. (China), T.H.E. 2nd Co. (Singapore). Designed for an intimate audience, Double Goer is based on the doppelgänger phenomenon, the associated superstition of impending death and the heightened energy that comes with such a notion.

Collaborators and Dancers Tamsyn Russell and Rose Philpott are biologically unrelated women ten years age apart with an uncanny physical likeness. Using Foster-Sproull's trademark illusion surrealism, the two dancers mesmerisingly move and morph into and out of each other, connected via hair and other umbilical-like imagery, to explore sameness in juxtaposition to difference. Double Goer also draws upon the symbiotic relationships and connotations of twins such as indistinguishable resemblance, intense emotional bonds, telepathy and mind-reading - as well as duality, binary and the shadow self. The show employs the concept of 'Maximalism', the aesthetic of "excess and redundancy", or the philosophy that "more is more”, with intricate handmade props, elements of surprise and visual illusion magic.

Double Goer is performed on a purpose-built circular stage, with a limited audience seated in a semicircle. The show is able to pop up in unconventional spaces such as libraries, galleries, found spaces and public areas, as well as small black box theatres. 

The show began development in 2018 at Dance Base in Edinburgh under Sarah's Creative New Zealand Choreographic Fellowship, followed by a secondary development in Auckland in 2019. The show will be completed again in residency at Dance Base in December 2019. Our intention is to present Double Goer at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2020 followed by regional touring in wider Scotland / UK, as well as seasons in NZ / Australasia. 

Composed By
Andrew Foster
Directed By
Sarah Foster-Sproull
Sarah Foster-Sproull
Designed By
Andrew Foster (set)
Rose Philpott, Tamsyn Russell
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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