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Human (New Zealand)


15 Oct 2018 - 31 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

Captivating circus artistry meets candid cabaret in Human as The Dust Palace takes you on a visceral voyage into the lives and loves of the performers. Human is a celebration of our strength, weirdness, mortality and masks, which erases expectations and offers a cheeky look at the wonders of being human. “Wondrous” “Spectacular” “Breathtaking” “Brilliant”

Reviews Feature

“...sparkling with consummate artistry…”

NZ Herald

The sheer spectacle of seeing another human spinning, contorting and leaping all at the same time, while also acting a subtly interwoven yet compelling story is staggering…
Quite honestly I sat there a little dumbfounded.


"...we didn’t want it to end!"

"...world class... incredible."

"I actually shed tears twice during the show, and sat there mouth open, completely enthralled. Such a great show!"


Written By
Devised by The Dust Palace, Artistic Direction Mike Edward and Eve Gordon
Composed By
Original music composed by Kevin 'Carawei' Gao and Falvio Villani
Directed By
Mike Edward
Group dance work by Carlene Newall
Designed By
Lighting Design by Michael Craven
Shane Cortese, Flavio Villani, Rochelle Mangan, Eve Gordon, James Clement, Geoff Gilson
Availability Status
Available at short notice


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