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Nightsongs (VIC, Australia)


4 Dec 2018 - 4 Dec 2021

Short Synopsis

Experience Nightsongs : a collection of beautifully evocative and lyrical jazz-based songs that explore the stories created by the mind when we’re alone ... at night ... in the dark ... without distractions.

Nightsongs is a jazz cabaret /  song cycle about the dark, with songs interspersed by short stream-of-consciousness poems, that  will take its audience through a journey deep into the night.


What do you think about, when you are alone, in the dark ?

Reviews Feature

Natasha Moszenin is an exceptional and unassuming talent

and the trio of passionate and expressive vocalists supplements her

compositions. -- Theatre People review, February 2018

“Moszenin is a fine composer, lyricist and accompanist.. Melbourne Observer, 2018

Written By
Natasha Moszenin
Composed By
Natasha Moszenin
Directed By
Natasha Moszenin
Jai Luke, Claire Nicholls, Lara Vocisano
Availability Status
Generally available


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